Are there any late night guilds on this realm

I joined Lightbringer because of my 2 friends that I don't really play with anymore. I would still like to stay on this server because I like my warlock and monk. It seems like everyone is asleep by 7pm server time. If there are any late night guilds out there that are willing to take a warlock in the process of gearing up now please let me know. Thanks
i wish you were a resto druid. but we are a late night guild....
I am putting together a raiding team for our guild's second 10 man team. We will be raiding at 7 server. Hit me up ingame if you want to talk about it.
Max threat is moving from 10m to 25m we raid 7-10pm server. Pst me in game we are in need of dps = )

Fire and Fury is forming a late night raid group and hope to get it up and runnig soon :)

Get with me ingame,


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