Incarnate recruiting for Fri/Sat Raid 10pm

<Incarnate> - Proudmoore (US)
10 man
Fri-Sat 10PM - 1AM ST (PST)


We are a United States based guild with a lot of fun and respectable members mainly from the US but also from around the world. The guild itself operates as a casual raiding guild with the focus at progressing through content at a consistent rate. If you would like to Join us, don’t hesitate to apply or send a tell/in-game message to one of us. We would love to hear from you!

We are currently reforming our raiding team recruitment is as follows:


-Holy Paladin
-Holy/Disc Priest

We are looking for players who are willing to push their respective classes to the limits. It is necessary that the raider is open to constructive criticism in order to keep up progression. The raider must be able to adapt to whatever raid environment that the guild is working on. We expect our raiders to come prepared before-hand with fights read, flasks, and potions needed.


We currently raid three (2) days a week for 3 hours per night. There is a short break midway through raid for 5-10 minutes.

Friday: 10PM-1AM
Saturday: 10PM-1AM

Contact us at:
Teleos#1723 or Thestensten#1848

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