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So me and my wife are looking for a new server to call home. We have both been progression raiders since BC and would love to find a guild that isn't full of failure and bad life choices. Currently, our iLvl is a bit slack as we wasted 5.1 in a guild that wasn't up to snuff and have had horrible luck with drops on the few normal mode bosses that we have been able to down. The best we have been able to get so far is mid 480's in GS. I have a prot/fury warrior and my wife has a ele/res shammy. Our primary specs are prot and ele respectively.

We are both a bit rough around the edges so one of those "hold hands and sing Kumbaya" guilds is not for us. We drink, talk trash, laugh at inappropriate jokes, and neither ask for or give any quarter. Needless to say, we're looking for an 18+ guild. We may have a kid, but that doesn't mean we want to play with them online.

We're hoping to find a challenge. We both min/max our characters and do all the research to optimize our performance. We know what elitistjerks is but our research doesn't stop there. We pick up fights quickly but after a few expansions, the mechanics start to all look basically the same. Blizzard is apparently big on recycling.

Our availability is near 7 days a week between 7pm and 11pm (PST) on weekdays and pretty much open on the weekends. This is not to say, however, that we want to raid 7 days a week. We've done that before in BC and it sucks. Moderation is a good thing. We are, however, online for most of our evenings. So an active guild is a really good thing. Having an active and social vent is even better.

There also needs to be a loot system. We would definitely prefer a point system but anything works. Just as long as there are clearly defined and adhered to loot rules. It is incredibly irritating to finally see a piece drop only to have it handed over to nick the new guy because they cyber'd the raid lead earlier.

Last but not least, we don't want to fill out a novel's worth of an application full of parse logs and details only to find that we're the only one on the raid team that would qualify for the raid team. If you have high standards, please be able to meet those high standards yourself. There is nothing worse than an elitist that can't even stay out of the fire themselves. I'm not saying I don't find myself burning from time to time, but if you require skill, have skill.

TLDR: Looking for an active, trash talking, capable, raiding, non-idiotic, rated R, 18+ guild for raid times between 7pm and 11pm PST (give or take).

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