[A] Viral (10s) seeking active members!

<Viral> [10] is an alliance guild based on Proudmoore-US, we’re a newly formed guild with a group of players you won’t find anywhere else. We are currently looking to fill a few spots that are available, so we can begin rocking progression. Every raider in guild is at least 6/6 MSV, 2/6 HoF and 3/4 ToES – we’re looking for competent, well-rounded raiders who can perform up to par but mesh well with our online “family” as of currently we are seeking the following classes/spec to fill empty raid spots:

- Casual players

Raid times are Thursday and Saturday from 7PM to 10PM MST (6PM to 9PM server)

You may contact the following people for more information regarding guild, if you have any question please do not hesitate to ask. We're very excited to bring new members into the family we have going, please be LGBT friendly and be capable of handling mature language.

Love [GM] on real-id @ vintage_ragdoll@ymail.com
Daeta [CO-GM] on real-id @ mrspacecaveman@gmail.com
or contact any officer in game for more information, we look forward to hearing from you!
Also offering cookies to those who join that are 100% organic gnome. So hop in my unmarked van here to get some. >.>
Just need to fill out two more spots.
Up you go!

We are actively seeking casuals to add to our family so we can hear the pitter patter of your little feet in gchat and vent. =p

Also considering backup spots for our core team of just about every class.

Even if we can't fit you in our raid we're running challenge modes and starting a RBG group that you're more than welcome to take part in. You won't feel left out we promise you that.

Looking for a Ret Paly with a OS Heals, or a Enhance Shammy with Resto OS for our core.

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