[H][LF1M Healer] Heal Us Please [10M]

About Us: We're currently on our first week of Heroic progression. Late night raiding.

What you can expect from us: Consistent raid schedule. Progression raiding in a fun and enjoyable environment with like-minded individuals whose goals are focused on progression raiding in 5.1 and preparing for 5.2.

Recruiting: Healer - Core spot.

Raid times:
Tu: 11-2am CST
We: 11-2am CST
Th: 11-2am CST
Su: 11-2am CST

6/6 MSV(N) 6/6 HoF(N) 4/4 ToES(N)
1/6MSV(H) 0/6 HoF(H) 0/4 ToES(H)

Contact Info: Xeskoda#1338
Hello, Im a resto druid looking to fill your spot.
Been raiding since Wrath and is experienced in Heroic healing.
I did some heroics during cata due to the limits of my old guild
I recently rejoined and looking to raid again.
Im not here to waste anyones time, i know im currently undergeared,
but im would never pay money just to transfer for gear.
Personal info: 20yr, Job and Fiance

Thanks for taking you time to look at this

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