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Faded Dreams is a level 25 guild that is new to the Zul'Jin server. We are looking to fill our ranks and get back into progression raiding.

Raid days are Tues, Thur starting at 9pm server time.

We are a dedicated group that loves to progress and be involved as a guild. If you are a veteran raider, new to raiding, or just want to try it out, this is the place for you!

Guild Information:
-- Guild Level: 25
-- Guild Type: Progression Raiding
-- Activities: Weekly Raids, random Dungeons/PVP, Achievement runs.
-- Officers: Kruush, Dudder, and Eloheem
-- Guild Master: Gunari
-- Ventrillo: Yes
-- Bank tabs! -- WOOT! (and a Tabard...OUT OF CONTROL!)
-- Guild Website: http://faded-dreams.guildlaunch.com/

Healer - 2
Still looking for a few more!
bump for more! Come get your core raiding spot!
Bump for DPS. Looking for dedicated raiders! Tues Wed Thurs raid days @ 8pm server time.
Considering merging with another guild? Give me a yell in game!
Just looking for 2 healers (one with a DPS spec). Pref: Druid or Holy Priest

Send me a tell in game. Raids are Tues and Thurs @ 9pm server time!
Bump! Still need healers
Bump for Uldaman raiding guilds!

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