No leather gear for baby resto shammy?

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Hello all! I decided to roll a shaman as resto on a new server - without the aid of heirlooms, gold, etc and I am not finding any leather gear with suitable stats on it for her. Do I just use cloth until higher levels? If so, when about will I start to see leather (or mail I suppose if after 40) with intellect and whatnot? Any tips on where I should be heading?

I am level 20 right now, leveling mostly through the dungeon finder...

Thank you all in advance!
The bulk of a class' levelling gear usually comes from questing, as several quests in each hub offer a type of gear for each armour class with decent stats on it.
I've rerolled on new realms numerous times, and can always find some intellect gear and even spirit. However, I also always make a point of working up some gold with mining and skinning, and some of the lowest level fish. Then I shop the AH, and even with today's higher prices due to transmog, I can fill in pieces. But you're just planning to level in dungeons I presume? Questing/fighting as resto would be uncomfortable.

Honestly, until level 30 I think I'd heal as enhance or elemental, then take dual spec.
Just use cloth with intellect. It really doesn't make a huge difference. You won't get a bonus from wearing mail until 50 so until then you'll only have an armor increase, which isn't your priority anyhow. Use whatever has the most intellect.
Clever Hat, the bane of my hunters and casters :P

It starts appearing more often closer to 30ish, but there are pieces that can be crafted before then:;si=1;cr=23;crs=1;crv=1;gb=3;eb=1
It starts appearing more often closer to 30ish, but there are pieces that can be crafted before then:;si=1;cr=23;crs=1;crv=1;gb=3;eb=1

And these pieces can often be found for cheap on the AH.
Go ahead and wear cloth. Armor really isn't that important until level 50.

In dungeons I always asked any cloth wearers if they were needing an item before needing on it myself. If I was lucky there weren't any cloth-wearing casters.

At level 40 you can wear mail, and there's actually quite a bit of mail int in the game.

By level 50 you should be in all mail.
Cloth is fine and if you really want to shine a bit, run SFK for the healing cloth gear and WC for the Druid healing leather. Other than that, questing and Leatherworking/tailoring are good choices.
Use cloth until level 80. The armor type makes no real difference until level 50, when it gives you a 5% bonus for being in all mail. From 50-80, you'll find that there is a LOT more cloth caster gear available than mail, so you'll get more than 5% more int by using cloth gear. It's not until 80 that quests were really designed to give you a complete set of the correct type.
Thank you all for the replies! I've been doing a good job of getting some leather items now that I am closer to 30. Another quick question though - I want to dual spec so I can quest as well. If I go with enhancement will I need different gear (before level cap)? As a healer by heart, resto is my main spec so I will prioritize accordingly but enhancement has no use for intellect. Should I suck it up and just dual elemental?

Thanks again for the information!
Yes, you'd need an Agility set for Enhancement, and an Int/Spirit set for Resto, otherwise if you try to use just one set for both or mix the two, you'll be less effective in both specs. Agility leather and mail are WAY easier to find though.
Elemental and Resto can share gear easily, but enhancement uses agility - caster gear is useless. You should be able to get a complete set of agility mail once you're in BC (maybe by 50, but I wouldn't lose sleep over it) and stick to the correct armor type for the bonus without too much trouble. It's only caster leather, mail, and plate that is really lacking before Cataclysm (80).

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