Purifying Brew + Tier 3 Talent Macro

UI and Macro
Is there anyone out there that can help me make a macro that will:

1. Cast Purifying Brew if I do not hit any modifier key
2. Cast Chi Wave on myself if I hold the Shift modifier key, to ensure I get the full benefit of the heal
3. Cast Chi Wave on the target if I hold the Alt modifier key, so that it can heal others
4. Cast Zen Sphere on Myself with the Shift modifier key
5. Cast Chi Burst on a mouseover target with the Shift modifier key

Chi Burst and Zen Sphere would replace Chi Wave's lines because those 3 spells are all replaced by eachother with talents.

Edit: Macro has been made, thanks. :)
Try this:#showtooltip
/use [mod:shift,@player]Zen Sphere
/use [mod:shift,@mouseover]Chi Burst
/use [mod:shift,@player][mod:alt]Chi Wave;Purifying Brew

If that doesn't work properly with Zen Sphere/Chi Burst, try be less specific with the modifiers:#showtooltip
/use [mod,@player]Zen Sphere
/use [mod,@mouseover]Chi Burst
/use [mod:shift,@player][mod]Chi Wave;Purifying Brew

This version will cast Zen Sphere/Chi Burst with any modifier held and Chi Wave at yourself with Shift held or at your target with any other modifier held (i.e. Ctrl/Alt).

If you want the tooltip to change properly, you may need to remove #showtooltip and add this to the first macro:/run local G=GetSpellInfo SetMacroSpell("MacroName",(IsShiftKeyDown()or IsAltKeyDown())and(G"Zen Sphere"or G"Chi Burst"or"Chi Wave")or"Purifying Brew")

Or this to the second one:/run local G=GetSpellInfo SetMacroSpell("MacroName",IsModifierKeyDown()and(G"Zen Sphere"or G"Chi Burst"or"Chi Wave")or"Purifying Brew")

These take up a lot of space, so you'll want to keep your macro name fairly short (like "T2").


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