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Moon Guard
"Ravaged, destroyed, perverted; for far too long has the heart of Quel'Thalas been tainted - filled - with resentment and betrayal. We will not be oppressed any longer; we will not allow ignorance to set itself upon our hallowed core.

Apathy; this has become the 'pedestal' on which we set our beloved race's name on. No longer will we bow to the tyrant of disregard.

We are the heart of a near-decimated husk of what the Sin'dorei name once stood for.

We are the vitalisation that will spew hatred and spread fear amongst those whom dare oppose our rightful rule.

We are vengeance; we are the advocates for a new era-- a new world. One where repose and redemption is found for our fallen, and we are not set among those whom would dare provide a false image of hope, only to shatter it.

We will bow only in sorrow for our loss-- and thence have that replaced with bitterness and a strive for Justice.

We are the image of a radiant light in which those whom have remained faithful over the years will bask in.

Fear us. Revere us.

We are the fury of a people wronged; we are the strength of a nation. We will not forgive.
We will not forget. We herald a new dawn that shines over a blood-bathed path to victory.

For The Bloodsworn!"

- An excerpt from an unknown chronicle residing within The Bloodsworn's library; more than likely, the short-briefing was written by the original founder of the organisation itself.

[Table of Contents]
I. Excerpt.
III. OOC statements; information pertaining to the guild.
IV. Bloodsworn Rank and Branches.
V. Guild Website and Application Information.

III. Out-of-Character

THE BLOODSWORN is a professional order of the Thalassian Government and Military dedicated primarily towards the offensive and defensive situations concerning the sovereign state of Quel'Thalas. Dedicated to the domineering and privately-expressed nationalist and fascist perspectives and intents which all of the organisation's members hold, the regiment itself serves beneath the banner of solely the Thalassian Army as the 724th, sharing joint power alongside the monarchy and commanders who and which reside over it, as well as the Legions that are implied for the usage of the state's military.

Beneath this guise, though, lay a different perspective; a life shrouded in conspiracy and unrest that will easily make an individual take a new light to almost every thing as they know it. The Bloodsworn functions as not only a part in the government, but, as a Sunfury remnant organisation, as well; preaching racial supremacy and operating to dismantle any current tyrannical lead which may impede the sanctuary of the state, The Bloodsworn prepares each of its members to take their place amongst the greatest rulers the world will have ever known.

Our organisation it set on the repose and redemption for the name of the Sin'dorei; our plots are simply to indulge our members in the atmosphere, but to also provide statement to those around us. The opinions and thoughts of our members do not just compose The Bloodsworn: we compose a new way of life.

Our Goal

BY TAKING INTO CONSIDERATION that the organisation itself is composed of those that are, typically, nationalists, a darker side is always that which is not presented due to the public's favour to keep sanctuary.

The core goal of The Bloodsworn can easily be described by a simplistic statement: 'We strive to ensure a sanctuary for future generations of the Sin'dorei, as well as preserve revered name of the Blood elves. ' With that, several other small contributes can be added to aid us in composing that initial value: The education of ignorant minds to our cause, the new morals and ideals that we offer to the world throughout our doings, and end of the tyrant of apathy and disregard for our people. In a side note, there are several opinions of prejudice and hatred that are the center-point for the views within The Bloodsworn; anti-Horde sentiments and operations are almost always underway to ensure that we place our money where our mouth is.


SERVING as one of the most professionalised regiments within the Thalassian Military today, The Bloodsworn operates beneath - as previously stated - both the banner of the monarchy which holds official standing to the state, as well as the government itself. Its leaders and in-depth system are those that are, typically, representatives appointed to guarding the sanctity and tradition of Thalassian bearing, composure and militaristic views.

As the 724th regiment of the army, The Bloodsworn is, as opposed to a simply militia, a fully-paid, city-supported and law-abiding house for those that come from the D'lanastion bloodline, or are simply transfers from various other sects. Civilians are allowed, so long as they are prepared to conform with all that is placed affront them upon recruitment.


THE RANKING STRUCTURE of The Bloodsworn is one that is revered throughout the northern provinces due to its capability concerning in-depth organisation and the likes.


The structure is as follows:
------------------------------- THE SUNFURY
--------------------------- The State of Quel'thalas
---------------------- The Thalassian Military - The Thalassian Army (Primary Rule)
-------------------- The D'lanastion Monarchy (Secondary Rule)
------------------ The Houses of the D'lanastion Monarchy (Tertiary Rule)
-------------- The House of the Imperator (Quaternary Rule)
----------- The Imperator
-------- Praetor
------ Daybreakers - Commanders - Dux
--- Subordinates beneath the command of those above them

Taking this into some form of consideration, it is only natural that the structure of the organisation follows as it is requested, in behalf of the opinions of both the monarchy and Thalassian Army. To perfect the sense of establishment, to be sure that each class is individually tended to, alongside their schools, the organisation - during the reign of Forte D'lanastion XVII - established 'Legions'.

The Legions are the divisions beneath the sovereign command of both the Imperator and the Praetors; with the Commanders and Daybreakers beneath them, these legions each have a function to serve to the regiment and monarchy as a whole. There are several Legions which are temporarily established; only a few Legions have been deemed worthy of permanent enlistment concerning the organisation as a whole. These Legions were created by the Thalassian Military to formally enlist groups of soldiers for training with one another, when a mission is not class-specific whatsoever.

The Legions of the organisation are those that reign over the individual divisions themselves; grouping to a specific need, the Legions are not only headed by the Praetors, but also by the D'lanastion monarchy, as well. Depending on the situation, a legion may be disbanded due to its temporary use; in other occasions, it may be sustained for a prolonged amount of time, pairing two divisions with one another and bringing forth the individuals so that they may each participate within one another's gain of power and knowledge.

Legio Belore X - The Legio Belore X is a Legion which was temporarily established during the time of war concerning the Scourge Invasion in Quel'thalas. At its head, Forte D'lanastion XVI, the current and slowly-deceasing Praetor at the time, brought together individuals from the Clergy, as well as the Legion of Blood to serve the Legio Belore X in the sense of re-establishing peace and calm within the land. Thus, after such, the Templars and Warmenders of the organisation were brought together in a pact that is now familiarised with most members of either house. The Legio Belore serves beneath the regarded sect of the Thalassian Military.

Legio Dal'eram XVII - The Legio Dal'eram is a legion that was established shortly after the death of the latest Britannicus D'lanastion. Bringing forth Astromancers, Baneweavers and Shadow Priests, the Legio Dal'eram is dedicated to the research of magic as a whole, thus binding the Nightlock, Domain of Shadow and Dominion of Blood together in this Legion. The Legio Dal'eram serves beneath the regarded sect of the Thalassian Military.

Legio Aththeesh IX - The Legio Aththeesh is one that is familiarized today as the Legion which reigns beneath the House of Derien. Bringing together both the Praetorian Arrow and Blood Guard, the Legio Aththeesh is one that serves beneath the regarded sect of the Thalassian Military. The Legio Aththeesh brings forth the cavalry, training the mounts, as well.

Legio Sin'talah V - The Legio Sin'talah V is a legion that pertains to the Sin'talah, the 'Blood Party' - or band of Wardens - within the organisation. The Legio Sin'talah V, composed of Wardens and, sometimes, melee-heavy Templars, is one that was called upon during the Scourge Invasion of Quel'thalas, as well as the Shattering within the distant lands to the south as heavy infantry. Today, the Legio Sin'talah is typically called upon to serve as the heavy infantry within the regarded sect of the Thalassian Military.

Legio Mefeon III - The Legio Mefeon was established within the recent years of the organisation's affiliation concerning the Thalassian Army. The Legio Mefeon, bringing forth its name over the Decimation Movement, as well as any that would care to revel within service. This particular Legion serves as minor infantry alongside the Legio Sin'talah V.


FOUNDED by Forte D'lanastion VII, The Bloodsworn operates as a heavily in-depth organisation structured around the will and interests of the sovereign state. With the commanders of each temporary or permanent Legion as some of the most influential, four houses beneath the overall structure of the D'lanastion Monarchy take the next official precedence. The House of Julius, the House of the Imperator, the House of the Dominus, the House of Britannicus and the House of Derien. Each of these cater to specific classes of the organisation, training them to the fullest extent whilst implying each's original motives and intents to society, and by doing so, bringing forth such talent to public eye and favour.


THE GENERAL RANK of the organisation is that which is the most commonly recognised throughout the military itself. This is a system implied so that the commanders and Imperator may keep track of those that have joined, their 'Acts of Valour', sacrifice and weeks served. Depending on the weeks that an individual may serve, they are promoted; this process may be accelerated by means of excessive contribution and interaction.

Monthly payment to an individual may change, depending on rank.


THE IN-DEPTH RANKING SYSTEM of the organisation is implied for solely the use of the regiment itself. To maintain an excellent sense of order, each class belongs to one regiment that is ruled over by a 'Praetor', an exemplar of their trade and all that goes alongside its learning process. The in-depth ranking is that which the Praetors maintains control over, whereas the general rank is overseen by the Imperator.


- INCUBUS (Rogue) - The "Blood Guard".

- EVANGELIST (Shadow Priest) - The "Nightlock".

- MARSHAL (Hunter) - The "Praetorian Arrow".

- BANEWEAVER (Warlock) - The "Domain of Shadow".

- WARMENDER (Holy/Disc Priest) - The "Clergy".

- TEMPLAR (Paladin) - The "Legion of Blood".

- WARDEN (Warrior) - The "Sin'Talah".

- REAVER (Death Knight) - The "Decimation Movement".

- ASTROMANCER (Mage) - The "Dominion of Blood".

"Behold the glory,
Behold the wonder,
What we have made shall not be torn asunder.
Such vast achievement; stone men of pious,
beneath the gaze of our Prince and a fel-flared iris."

"Land of majesty, where our heavens smile,
Jewel of history, shining like polished tile."

"Serve and be silent,
Your skulls, they rattle;
We think of you as little more than cattle.
This is your life now; and we advise you,
to bow before whatever master guides you."

"Feel the power here, power has its price,
Some can live like gods, some must sacrifice.
Through the centuries, many backs have bent,
many dreams are built; many lives are spent."

"You can't be humble - it's not your places,
Thalassian solider no matter what your basis is.
This is your future, your life suspended;
and everything you knew before has ended.
You are Bloodsworn now; we will have all control,
from your every step, to our enemies' very bones."

- The Bloodsworn's Battlesong.

Our Website and Application Forum:


To join: http://thebloodsworn.shivtr.com

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Very very interesting. As on Django," You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention". (Best movie ever right!?) I believe you also read my last post and everything this stands for follows correlation of how Cel' now thinks. I would most definitely like to rp with you in game.

"May we not be the ones to React, but be the ones to act, before action is placed before us."
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(Best movie ever right!?)


02/09/2013 12:14 PMPosted by Celedrin
I would most definitely like to rp with you in game.

Almost all of this week, you'll be able to catch me on my rogue, Vitellias.

Add me to Battletag and we'll chat!

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Add me to Battletag and we'll chat!

Lol, how do you add battletags again?
Definitely will do though! Mine is DeadPool#1461
"Cuddled, nuzzled, hugged; for far too long has the heart of Cat'Thalas been cute - filled - with laughter and love. We will not be sad any longer; we will not allow dogs to set itself upon our cute core.

Catnip; this has become the 'pedestal' on which we set our beloved race's name on. No longer will we bow to the tyrant of disregard.

We are the heart of a too-adorable fur of what the Cat'dorei name once stood for.

We are the cat faces that will spew meows and spread 'awws' amongst those whom dare oppose our rightful pettings.

We are adorableness; we are the advocates for a new era-- a new world. One where milk and fish is found all the time, and we are not set among those whom would dare provide a false image of laser dots, only to turn the light off.

We will bow only in pounce for the mousey toy-- and thence have that replaced with another toy once we tear that one in half.

We are the image of an adorableness in which those whom have remained faithful to pettings over the years will bask in.

Pet us. Cuddle us.

We are the cuteness of a species loved; we are the purrs of a nation. We will not forgive if you don't pet us the required three times. We will not forget, either. We meow a new dawn that shines over a fur-filled path to the kitchen.

For The Catsworn!"

For Cat'thalas!
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Care for some candy?
Bump. <3
Recruitment is going swell, preparing for an IC campaign!
this is a good guild and it treats me right. forte is attractive and alaestira sounds cute and they dont really look anything like pancakes but whatever.

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