[H] heroic raiders LFG

Hello Thrall

There are 3 of us looking for a new home. We would prefer not to transfer off the server so we thought we would give the forums a shout.

We have all been playing for quite some time and have heroic progression experience. We have been looking for a good home most of 5.1 as our guild disband pretty early in the expansion.

Toons are:

Laserchikin - Boomkin

Beastlëy - Resto Druid

Iryssa - Disc/Holy Priest (also willing to play monk or paladin healers, but still gearing them up for 5.2)

Please leave a blurb here or contact me in game. Rid: Iryssa#1697


i raid with sweet victory on my monk atm. shaofanger. Its 25 man. They are looking for more for heroic progression in msv+hof.

Contact mysticknight/newman.

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