BiS Heroic (5 Man) MW List.

Upon hitting 90 yesterday I couldn't really find a good BiS list for just heroics for those of us who don't have a guild or aren't 470 yet so I decided to make this list. This is mainly for me to have in written form but I figured if it helps one person why not post it here? I did not see one on this forum so we should be good!

Hood of Viridian Residue - Vizier Jin'bak in Siege of Niuzao Temple
Temperature-Sensing Necklace Flameweaver Koegler in Scarlet Halls
Incarnadine Scarlet Spaulders High Inquisitor Whitemanen in Scarlet Monastery or Commander Durand
Cloak of Hidden Flasks Hoptallus in Stormstout Brewery
Warming Chestguard of the Golden Lotus Battle Axe of the Thunder King (Vale of Eternal Blossoms ) OR
Chestwrap of Arcing Flame Commander Vo'jak in Siege of Niuzao Temple
Star Summoner Bracers Gu Cloudstrike in Shado-Pan Monastery
Vellum-Ripper Gloves Flameweaver Koegler in Scarlet Halls
Hurricane Belt Kuai the Brute in Mogu'shan Palace
Leggings of Whispered Dreams Strife in Temple of the Jade Serpent
Treads of Corrupted Water Wise Mari in Temple of the Jade Serpent
Sha Quest!
Viscous Ring Commander Ri'mok in Gate of the Setting Sun
Triune Signet High Inquisitor Whitemane in Scarlet Monastery
Price of Progress Darkmaster Gandling in Scholomance
Empty Fruit Barrel Ook-Ook in Stormstout Brewery
Carapace Breaker Raigonn in Gate of the Setting Sun
Bottle of Potent Potables Hoptallus in Stormstout Brewery
Two Hander:
Gustwalker Staff Wing Leader Ner'onok in Siege of Niuzao Temple

What dungeon should I run the most?
Stormstout Brewery - 3
Siege of Niuzao Temple - 3
Gate of the Setting Sun- 2
Scarlet Halls - 2
Temple of the Jade Serpent - 2
Scarlet Monastery - 2
Scholmanace - 1
Shado-Pan Monastery - 1

Some ending notes:
Now the thing with MW is that some stats are debatable (how much spirit? How much haste to feel comfortable? Mastery or crit?) But since you will be a new healer I went for spirit pretty heavily.

As a new 90 I am thoroughly enjoying the MW healing style and just felt the need to do something like this for the first time in my 6 years of WoW. If you are considering a spec or not sure what you wanna roll MW is a LOT of fun if you ask me.
MSV is 460 I level btw.
Been curious about this myself, thanks =]
Although this information is no longer useful to me I would have loved to come across this post 7 weeks ago! Thanks for throwing this together.

I would like to argue though that even though the staff from the heroics has a higher ilvl the staff from your monk only lvl 90 quest is far superior for fistweaving.
I didn't even THINK to even go back to that place once I hit 90. I will go see the stats and list it as an option. Thank you for the suggestion.

And yeah, I am a little late to the party but there will be plenty of people leveling monks come 5.2!
You might want to add in easily obtainable crafted epics and the like. For example, killing Sha gets you the quest boots and a chance for the 496 set hands and is easily done by a fresh 90. The inscription off-hand fan shouldn't be too hard to come by and I'm sure there are some lw pieces to consider. While technically not "heroic loot" it is obviously better than any loot from heroics and probably easier to acquire.

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