Holy 5.2 Stats Discussion

With the 5.2 4 piece not being affected by mastery, do you think that crit or haste could make a comeback?

Additionally, with mana hitting a point where you won't NEED to stack spirit, do you think that haste may make a comeback? Int gems at the very least will start to be prioritized rather than pure spirit stacking.

Thoughts? Ideas? We're far enough into the PTR right now to where we might want to start delving into these possibilities.
My gut reaction:

- Not stacking endless Spirit won't have that much of an impact on Haste's value. Mastery will still be amazing, and Crit synergizes with Mastery far better than Haste does (generally) because 206% heal = 206% shield. Because Crit is more mana efficient than Haste, it also allows us to slack on Spirit a little more, which means we can reforge into more Crit as a supplement secondary than we would be able to Haste.

- The Beacon 4-piece isn't strong enough to merit gearing around. It's good, yes, but it also has a very large overheal component and of course does absolutely nothing with Mastery shields or when you're using it for Tower of Radiance HP procs.

I could be wrong, and frankly given that I'm going Prot in 5.2, I'm not going to be heavily involved with theorycrafting (to the extent that I'm a) already regretting putting a Holy guide up, b) will be heavily reliant on others' input to keep it reasonably up to date, and c) will be happy to take it down if someone better informed writes something comparable/better).
Right now I just see mastery not affecting enough of our heals in order to warrant it being used. Crit will probably turn out to be better than haste, but right now I'm debating on whether or not it should be Crit>Mastery>Haste, or Mastery>Crit>Haste or Crit>Haste>Mastery.

Right now I see crit being the best when it comes to secondary stats due to the fact that we're still going to be mainly limited to HS holy power generation, as well as it directly affects Beacon healing amount. When rolling multiple 1 charge EF's and beacon swapping it'll increase healing more than haste will.

Additionally, you need to look at how each stat affects healing itself. Haste will have no effect on how much healing Holy Shock or EF do (aside from haste plateaus). What Haste will mainly have effect on is the filler in between these, and also the GCD for HS and EF. The upside of crit, is it affects ALL of this. There isn't a spell that's exempt from it (save for SS). I'm a little to tired right now to math out % stat to % expected healing increase, but I'll be getting on it tomorrow. A bit of mental math shows that crit will probably pull out to be ahead, especially when taking the beacon 4 set into effect.
I'm curious about your logic for Mastery falling in importance (besides the 4-piece, which apparently we disagree on - I still think it isn't that stellar). Maybe there's a point where shifting some itemization from Mastery into Crit (or Haste) rather than blindly stacking Mastery to the moon would result in more HPS, but I don't see reforging out of Mastery to be a viable option.

Our shields are just so damn potent :-P
Once 5.2 is release and gear will be available I'll go this way for stats priority.

Spirit (between 9000 to 10 000) > Mastery > Intellect > Crit/haste (hard to say for those last)

Spirit might seam high or low for some people. I for myself feel confident around those number, and with trinket being stronger next patch, I might go more around 8500 to 9500.

Mastery is just to great. Yes you get more healing from intellect, simply because of the beacon don't benefit from mastery. But every time I look at my overhealing, Beacon is the first, next come Eternal Flame. Gemming intellect over mastery will simply result in more overhealing, while mastery will result in higher/stable damage absorbtion.

Let see thise in math exemple.
With holy ligh on PTR 5.2 I heal for arround 38 000. with around 30% mastery
If I gem intellect to get an additional 1000 int, it will increase my holy light to 39 200 aproximatly and worth an additional 360 absorb to the shield.
If instead I gem mastery to get 2000 mastery(gem for secondary stats give twice the number) I get 5% to mastery. So my 38 000 healing will put a shield of 1800 absorb.

Not only The shield will be more efficient than the direct heal, but there is less chance it will overheal.

As for Holy Radiance (our main aoe heal) which scale so bad with spell power.. But scale so well with mastery. And even more true with EF heal over time.

Mastery don't lose his effective in 5.2, I would rather say it gain even more value since gear has greater base intellect and spirit.

Has for crit and haste. I Would probably go Haste over crit for his stability. But even concidering the value of mastery. I might concider Crit since I will have anough time to cast simply because of the mitigation created with my mastery.

Sorry for the wall of text. Sorry for my english (not my main langage).

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