Mistweaver or Windwalker for leveling?

Well. I am a level 51 Mistweaver/windwalker. I have two seprate gear sets for each spec. I have been leveling with windwalker and I was wondering if it would be easy to level as Mistweaver. Can you even level with the spec. I do have Heirlooms so ill have some bonus. Please help!
You can, but it goes quite slow. Next patch doubles our damage, so it should be easier, but I would suggest windwalker. Once you get Rising Sun Kick, things will fall over.
I am actually leveling another Monk as Mistweaver.
Windwalker for sure. Things collapse.
I just did mistweaver. Pulled lots of things and hit spinning crane kick and chi wave until they died.
This my second monk. First one I leveled as mw, it was great.
don't level as a mistweaver, every few levels switch back and check it out, go back to dps.
Either spec should be good for leveling, but I didn't like ending up with low health after fighting mobs when I was a Windwalker. So in the early levels I went Mistweaver because I had no heirlooms or such until I got Chi Wave at level 30.Then leveling as a windwalker started to become easy. It becomes more easier when you get healing spheres when it becomes available because they can heal up to half your HP for each orb. I actually liked this and used this to my advantage as both dps and secondary healer of the group, but it starts to lessen as you level up. However, as you approach level 90, you should be able to stand on your own as a Windwalker.

If you want, you can also buy a Windwalker exclusive glyph, Glyph of Afterlife, to increase the chances of getting a healing sphere by 25%. It can help when you are fighting multiple monsters.
Mistweaver....you won't die so you can pull like a tank and feel like a god.
Up to level 80 the damage of all 3 specs is pretty equal. Brewmaster has an edge in that you can pull large packs and AOE them down. If you have heirlooms for MW only then I'd say stay MW. If you have heirlooms for both, go BM.

Once you hit Cata zones, WW will do about 3 to 4 times the damage of WW in similar iLvls. Brewmaster is still effective but you will suffer on single target damage, and WW can take several mobs of equal level. Better to just go WW at this point.

Be interesting to see how 5.2 changes MW leveling, if the DPS changes go live. Should be interesting.
have two 90 monks. Leveled the first monk as WW, and the second one as MW. Was pretty easy to level both. I did questing mostly on the first monk as WW, and 90% of the exp I gained on the second monk doing instancing.
thanks guys, ill take this into consideration
I leveled as MW and found it easy up til 85 when mana was an issue. Switched to WW from 85-90.
I dual spec'd.
MW for when quests got boring
WW for when dungeons had no quests to offer.
02/13/2013 08:23 AMPosted by Taichee
I leveled as MW and found it easy up til 85 when mana was an issue. Switched to WW from 85-90.

This is pretty much spot on. I think the advice to level brewmaster is solid too.

I leveled MW, I had a WW spec, and found the MW damage to be just fine for questing.

I did find further into the MoP levels, the damage became very uncompetitive. As mentioned, you'd use up your mana to try to maximize damage and then you'd OOM.

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