Halaa Brawl Free for All 2013

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Looking for a large scale wPVP in an unbiased location with plenty of time to prepare? Boy have I got the event for you.

WHEN: Next Friday, February 15th, at 9PM Eastern Standard Time/6PM Pacific

WHERE: Halaa and surrounding cliffs in Nagrand, Outland

Alliance, gather your strength

Horde, get your whoopin' paddles

I am expecting a fairly high turn out for this event, as I have been speaking with numerous leaders on both factions that an event like this was needed.

I will also be advertising this event in on the forums of other realms in our battlegroup for Cross-realm participation.

This will be large and probably laggy, so have your settings turned down and spread out the fighting over the area.

This is your chance to show what your guild/faction can do.

If you are not familiar with Ironwolf Clan, we will be bringing close to 100 of our own people, come at us, bro.

Fight and we will see who gets to go home and be a family man.
Talbuks for everyone!
Guile theme goes with everything
It really does! Dun-da dun-dun-da~
need lotsa alliance kthx
It's funny because you came to Arthas looking for Alliance.
I'd be interested in this as long as there isn't 30 horde vs 10 alliance. Just sayin'
with CRZ you should post on the other servers that can be there and it could be huge.
And itd be more horde for you to kill
bamp, postin on several CRZ server's forums
02/09/2013 11:14 PMPosted by Whiteleaf
It's funny because you came to Arthas looking for Alliance.
Why make it 9pm on a Friday when most people go out?
Cause then its dedicated people who get it to fight for their lives.
hmmm I like. I'M IN!
bamp, will have pre-game broadcast on our ventrilo server and perhaps rules to go over, stay tuned.
starting shortly

Vexlander @Bleeding Hollow is the alliance leader for this event, please watch for his name in general chat
Does Arthas even share CRZ with Bleeding Hollow? I see NO ONE out there. It's a ghost town.
Sure does.

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