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Pet Battles
I have been starting to play the battle pets more and more. And granted, I dont mind alot of the pets. But there are alot of bunnies, snakes, roaches, ect. And I may not be the only one. But I like collecting the non-regular pets.

Some suggestion for new pets could be

-Boars (There are alot of lowbie boars, why not!) (plus Bacon!)
-Scribe Pen (Because we have a Broom)
-More Parrots (Maybe a parakeet, that chirps every now and then)
-More Dragons!

I hope this doesnt fall on deaf ears at Blizzard. But atleast a Boar pet would be kind of cool. :)
Oh, the scribe pen is a great idea. A floating quill pen, I must have one.

Here guys! Let's give Blizz our ideas! :)
Definitely want the boar. I mentioned this the other day to a guildie, in fact. It would be nice having a boarling following around my lowbie Orc when he levels up in Durotar. No other pets seem to fit an orc, imo, than a boar. Scorpids are just too moody. lol

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