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I really need help with this. That I can find the right character because I tried all of them except goblin. Please tell me which is the right and I should stick to. Also recommend a class with it. If Blizzard see's this can you guys make a cool race that doesn't have a story like a worgen and a pandaren, Also that its starting location is small for example Elwynn forest and Mulgore is too large.
There is no right or wrong class/race. However there might be one thats right for you. I suggest taking the questionnaire from the sticky so we can help recommend something for you.

All starting areas are part of the larger world except for Worgen/Goblin/Pandaren.

Blizzard doesn't read this forum. It's for new players to get help from other players.
Hmm... if you want to stay Horde and you want a small starting area, any of the races that I can remember all have small starting areas up to level 15 or so. Then they open wide, but I think that's the way with all the races pretty much except the Worgen and Pandaren. I haven't started a goblin so I can't comment on them. The Blood Elf or Orc/Troll starting areas may be the smallest. Draenei is sort of small as well but you do a lot of traveling from one side of the island to the other so it seems bigger than it is. I haven't tried the new Gnome area with the freed Gnomeregan. The human quest hubs keep you in a pretty tight area even though Elwynn Forest as a whole is pretty big.

I would say either dwarf/gnome or orc/troll. Picking a class is all about what you enjoy, so we probably can't help a whole lot with that. It all depends on if you like to shoot things with spells or arrows, or being in their face hitting them with swords. Do you like to protect your group and take the hits, heal the guys taking hits or just doing as much damage as you can?

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