vengence vs bloodlust battlegroup.

guys Im just looking for educated opinions/thoughts on these two battlegroups. I know bloodlust used to be top tier back in BC but I haven't really been paying attention since. I have a choice between these two yet i'm not quite sure what to do. I'm not an amazing PVPe but i'm not terrible either. Hopefuly get some elite gear (not so much go for any titles etc)

any thoughts/help appreciated.
Bloodlust is generally considered to be the strongest and most active battlegroup by a large margin. I doubt there is really significant difference until you get to the upper brackets though.
Bloodlust has the best top end and has the most teams.
Bloodlust is the hardest battlegroup in the world by a sizable margin.
Every battlegroup is the same until you hit 1900 maybe 2k rating and then you will start to see the differences. Bloodlust is considered the best/most active because upon reaching high rank/mmr you will not only face good teams but a good diversity of teams because there are a lot of high ranked people quing at any given point... definitely more than other battlegroups.

But still.. getting gladiator in any battlegroup is a good accomplishment. Nay-sayers, haters, elitist, whoever will say you suck if youre on X battlegroup ( see a lot of people flame whirlwind for some reason idk why) but the actually skill requirement to get to gladiator range for each one is nearly the same... just some are more active/more diverse and therefore you face different comps/a lot of different people because of the activeness therefore its more prestigious to do well.

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