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Hey all, I've come looking for a more experienced set of eyes to pick apart the potential strengths and weaknesses of a comp I'd like to try next season (operating under the very dangerous assumption that all changes on the PTR go live).

Sub Rogue
Ret Paladin
Mistweaver Monk or Resto Shaman

Are there any glaring weaknesses in this comp? If so, what are they and how might they be worked around? What strengths could we expect to lean on? How might they be turned against us? Any advice or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks much.
your stuns will dr each other, especially with a mw monk. Also, blind and blinding light will interfere. All 3 of you stun and have little else on a separate timer that doesn't dr a partners ability, so your cc chains and kill windows will be awful. Full 5 point kidney ending in 1 second will make your rogue scream. At least w/ the shaman you'd have 1 less stun and a hex, along w/ the utility of tremor to get out of all the 5,000 fears currently in the game. Still a problem w/ stun DRs though.

just my $.02
I think ret rogue works better with a disc priest.
ret rogue disc (RRP) was decent in wrath.

To avoid DR's juse your hoj on the off target and be mindful of the DR tracker on gladius. it's not hard.

the damage will be great, but i think ret dk disc will be stronger (vanguards cleave).

the ret will need to keep freedoms on the rogue for uptime when his cooldowns are down.

imo, you want to have 1 cooldown class with 1 class that consistently puts out damage. hence the usual awesomeness of RLS.

Having 2 classes that are cooldown dependent makes it easy to invulnerable the damage.

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