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Firstly this is a MMO and I know I will come across people I don't like, But that said the frequency of people that are arrogant and abusive is more and more common and as a subscriber since The beginning of Burning Crusade I feel like our community of gamers is taking a turn for the worse, yet again.

E.g: A new player jumps on /2 wants to sell an item that's Soul bound, yea ok funny maybe but not the amount of people who shot him down, "You shouldn't be playing a MMO if you don't know what soul bound is!" Moron, idiot, retard, etc etc etc...

I made the same mistake once actually Haha, I tried to sell a soul bound item on trade because WoW was the first MMO/RPG I ever played, I was a CS player for a long time hell if I knew what soul bound even meant I just wanted some cash money but, No flaming, a Player whispered me and tells me I cannot do that because... and even gave me a couple gold.

I am an ex soldier maybe that old fashion system has made me old fashioned, But basically it's pixels so don't abuse people over pixels and while we are all roaming the internet being bosses because everybody knows we can bench press as much as we like behind our computer chairs can we please start treating our own community with a little respect again, I know it is to much for me to ask to level this alt with out coming across more trolls, but a little respect for fellow people in game is not much to ask of our community and would be greatly appreciated.

*Yes I have heard of ignore list, it works as intended and is not the problem.
Yeah a lot of fragile egos looking for false attention. Its a global/internet thing not a wow thing but i appreciate you bringing it up. I got alot of crap when i was starting mainly in low level dungeons. Im still pretty new but have logged over 500 hours and almost have a 477 character so i have some exp to reference. I try to balance the equation by random acts of kindness. If my servers dead and im waiting for a raid i will run around giving gold to low level players. They are shocked! Like no one has ever done that before. I will than try to come up with meta games than newbies can play to win gold. Its all for fun and it boosts the community feel. I think the abusive players are probably spending to much time playing and are having rage issue due to an unbalanced life. I used to be that way with online poker back in the day.
I think if the players who want to see a more friendly atmosphere expect to see any real change they need to be as loud as the abusive ones. Send shutouts and open invites and words of encouragement and welcome to the newb. The guys that have been playing for years represent the community and if there voice is not present we all think the old school/ culture of the game is shallow and abusive, which we all know inst true. If you want to see love spread love! This works in and out of wow.

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