Looking for guild to raid/pvp with..old timer

I quit back in 2007 after playing since release but now with a year and a half off between college and graduate school I'm looking to play again. Hoping to find a group of quality players to raid and pvp with. I've been gone so long that most of the people I played with have moved on so I'm stuck here starting at square one when it comes to knowing people.

Some info about me. I've participated in a number of full clears of MC BWL AQ and Nax back in the day as my class leader. I plan on playing a Holy Paladin (I enjoyed the healing role of this class), and I have a mic. I also live on the west coast so raiding with a PST in mind would be nice.

I just started this character about a week and half ago so I should be 90 in about a day or two. Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

Battle Tag is Matt#1611

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