487 Disc/Holy Priest LF Weekend Raiding

Hi transfered my characters to Proudmoore am in a dire need of a raiding guild. I can raid at night on Fridays and anytime on Saturdays and Sundays. Currently only have experience with 6/6 in MSV and 2/6 in HoF, but I am able to learn new content very quickly.
Tag is Scraggly#1254 if interested.
Hi Scraggly
Our guild is looking for a few raiders. We got a late start in the raiding in Mists and we are 6/6MV and 1/6 for HoF. We are progression oriented and looking for a couple people to raid either every weekend Friday and Saturday 6-9 server time or to raid part time and switch off with other part time raiders. Our goal is to quickly get through a few more MoP bosses until everyone is 490 and move on to Thunder. Either way if you are interested, you can check us out and post at strangelyironic.freeforums.org

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