Are MW monks supposed to melee mobs...?`

idk that passive that makes tiger palm/blackout kick do healing stuff confuses me. what exactly is it for...?
It's not MANDATORY, but it provides a way to do some light-to-moderate healing in a way other than clicking healing spells. It's like Disc Atonement healing. You don't HAVE to do it if you don't want to.
Generally to pump out the most HPS yes. It does depend on the fight though.
It's not always possible, or beneficial, to keep BOK and TP up on a mob. However, meleeing is a must in almost every situation (despite what others may say). It's not so much the Eminence than the ability to get Chi on-demand with jab. The eminence from those jabs and auto-attacks (and BOK and TP stacks if you can keep um up) are a bonus.

I said the exact same things not 3-4 weeks ago. Since being more in melee, I've only increased my effectiveness. It's not essential, but it gives you the ability to ignore a lot of fight mechanics since, if you're in melee, abilities like Wind Bomb that only target ranged players, ignore you. You can get a free Chi on demand with Jab. You don't have to stop cast healing, because I sure don't, and it's not completely mandatory. Some fights, it's downright inconvenient, like Will of the Emperor. However, it is preferred.

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