How much can I trust simcraft?

I sim myself somewhat frequently to check how my stats are doing and it seems like haste is showing extremely far behind mastery, and even crit. I was under the impression that haste should be good until I can reach some softcap in a future tier, but it's already showing such huge decline. Should I continue to stick with reasonable levels of haste? Or does haste/mastery have some delicate balance where haste is good until a certain amount, then mastery is better once I get a certain amount of haste, then haste is better once I get a certain amount of mastery, etc.
I don't know about Elemental personally, but I know Purge has been hard at work to keep the Enhancement profile up to date. I believe Binkenstien is behind the Elemental profile (If not, then either Endus/Gistwiki), and I know he/they is/are crazy math wizard(s) with that kind of stuff.
So here's the deal on weights in simcraft:

Simcraft is telling you what the value of the next single point of each stat will be, so while they're valuable guidelines they're not necessarily gospel. If you want to verify that what you're getting out of the weights are what you should be aiming for you'll need to use the reforge plot setting. What I would suggest is:

Reforge amount: 1000
Step amount: 200
Check plot reforge options for Haste and Mastery.

Be ready to do something else while you wait for this one to finish. Reforge plots take the longest of any sim setting on simc by a long shot. What I've found so far is the reforge plot setting has told me to continue favoring haste over mastery, though by how much dps has gotten smaller and smaller to the point that I'm expecting that mastery will finally slightly overtake it in an upgrade or two for me.

It's Binks behind the Ele profile Platform.
Ohh dayum I've been using 200 for the reforge amounts :x
02/09/2013 12:19 PMPosted by Kegstomp
Ohh dayum I've been using 200 for the reforge amounts :x

So you're looking at the value of reforging 1-2 pieces, whereas I've been looking at the reforging value of half a gearset. It's k.
I guess, I figured it was looking at the overall values during/after reforging.

Let's not forget I've admitted to being terrible with simc. XD

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