A few things

OK if hunters are going to be able to share trinket with there pet then how about they share stuns/cc as well. Its more then anoying ccing or disarming the hunter and his pet still doing tons of damage.

BM is not really hard to play and they have a ton of oh sh@t keys this would be a good change that way you might be able to get away from them for a few seconds its nearly imposible to beat a good BM in a 1 on 1. Even if the game is not balenced arround 1 vs 1 it happens in arena all the time why do hunters get to win over every other dps class in the game. Not saying they will always get the win but COME ON MAN.

Other then that the only thing thats making warriors so strong is there stuns. Please make the charge stun a 3 second root instead of a stun and still have it share a dr with all are other stuns and we should be in a good place.
Is a warrior, argument invalid

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