PvP balance suggestions

Based on feedback, I'll leave out my suggestions for now. However, I would like to ask:

What would you like to see changed in order to improve game balance?
02/09/2013 04:26 PMPosted by Bmskillmode
Give warriors a ranged interrupt, not a blanket

Bump. Although a clutch charge can serve that purpose already.

Buff MM hunter CC

02/09/2013 04:26 PMPosted by Bmskillmode
Reduce melee damage

02/09/2013 04:26 PMPosted by Bmskillmode
Make Alter Time undispellable

Buff affliction DoT damage
Buff destro damage


02/09/2013 04:26 PMPosted by Bmskillmode
Remove instant CCs

How will warriors fear? You expect warriors to cast? Should Rogues cast blind?

Other than it sounding like you want casters to be the only good thing in the game i agree with most of your post lol.

you want to nerf damage for melee, reduce their healing, while buffing ranged damage but making them cast I suppose. Wouldnt that make affliction lock the best spec in the game? since they would have dots and everyone else has to sit still and cast?? lol if it was as easy as making a list of problems and just checking them off then blizzard would have fixed it. You guys all seem to think their is a team of trained monkeys making this game lol
Remove blanket silences
Remove instant heals
Remove instant CCs

There's nothing wrong with any of these in a general sense; there's just too many of them. We can nerf the amount of blanket silences, instant heals and instant crowd control effects, but some key abilities can still remain.

Buff casted heals
Nerf damage from instant casts

Casted heals already heal for a good amount, they're just too easy to negate.

Instant cast damage can be lowered in some areas, but again, it all comes down to the amount of instant damaging spells available.

02/09/2013 04:26 PMPosted by Bmskillmode
Reduce melee damage

Need to be way more specific. Damage in general needs to be toned down, not just melee damage. That being said, I feel melee mobility needs to be looked at for certain specializations alongside damage.

Make PoM incompatible with RoF and Poly
Lower cooldown on Ring or lower cast time
Make Alter Time undispellable
Greatly increase Frostbolt damage to make it worth casting over Ice lance

I don't like the idea of Presence of Mind, a talent on a tier dedicated to mobility, being able to make crowd control spells instant cast. Damage dealing spells? Sure, whatever, but instant Polymorphs and Ring of Frosts seems out of line to me, even if it's once every 1.5 minutes.

I don't see why Ring of Frost needs to be buffed when the other two talent choices are seldom-used in comparison as of now.

Alter Time being undispellable seems fine, but it may require a readjustment to the Mage two piece bonus.

I'm weary about buffing Frostbolt damage when the ability can already do considerable damage in a shatter combo. It may do pitiful sustained damage outside of shatters, but it's mainly a fault with the shatter mechanic in general for Mages; abilities must be designed weak outside of shatters because shatter damage bonuses themselves are very powerful. Nerf the benefit of shatter mechanics and I'd be more than happy to see Frostbolt buffed.

Buff affliction DoT damage
Buff destro damage

Affliction's damage is fine. What isn't fine is that it's a sustained-pressure specialization trying to function in a meta game that worships burst potential.

Destruction Warlock damage is iffy in that it requires a lot of hard-casting, but can be quite potent when they're given the ability to hard-cast. I feel the spec will become more effective once the crowd control/interrupt-heavy meta game is toned down, whenever that may be (if ever).

Remove Psyfiend Fear
Buff disc heals and damage (allowing them to regain role as offensive healer)

I was never a big fan of Psyfiend, so I wouldn't mind seeing it gone for good. That being said, it'll require a replacement in T15. My biggest issue is that it's too potent as offensive crowd control, which could be fixed by reducing the range in which it can be replaced or by giving it a larger emphasis on defending the Priest rather than spam-Fearing players within its proximity. This, however, may make it too similar to Blood Fear (Horror) as a defensive Fear mechanic.

Discipline's damage and healing should be a lot better next patch.

Nerf rogue opener damage
Buff rogue stun defense

Rogue opener damage could receive a nerf, though a Rogue opener shouldn't be a back massage either. There should be a happy medium where being opened on by a Rogue is painful by not life-threatening.

By "stun defense", I'm assuming you mean through mechanics like Nerve Strike or, more broadly, the use of crowd control as a defensive mechanic. I agree that Rogue defenses should have crowd control usage in mind, but I don't know if it's something that could be buffed at this time, especially considering their extreme performance on the PTR.
Reduce second wind healing
Give warriors a ranged interrupt, not a blanket

Second Wind healing doesn't need to be reduced. Second Wind in general, however, needs to be redesigned. It's a terribly designed talent as of now.

Warriors absolutely do not need a ranged interrupt. Not now, not ever.

Nerf Stampede damage to reduce KFC pressure & prevalence
Nerf power shot
Buff MM hunter CC

Stampede damage, despite the hilarious amount of whining on the forums as of late, is fine. Bestial Wrath/Rapid Fire being reset by Readiness and the Hunter PvP Power set bonus are the main burst issue.

Haven't seen new numbers from Power Shot yet. Can't give a solid opinion.

Marksmanship Hunter crowd control doesn't need to be buffed. They, and Survival, need something to let them stand out from Beast Mastery, but not in the form of more crowd control.

Revert totem nerf
Give shams some melee defense

Start the witch hunt now, but I don't mind the Shaman totem nerf. What I feel needs to happen is to make Shaman totems more sturdy and to give Enhancement and Elemental better survivability, especially outside of totems.

Increase Unholy ranged damage
Buff Frost/Unholy Melee damage mitigation

Why ranged damage in particular for Unholy? Also, I feel Frost/Unholy could use some Physical damage mitigation at the cost of anti-caster mechanics. Perhaps this could be accomplished through a glyph.

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