Are windwalker monks that strong in 2's?

That some guy can 1v2 them easily and win just about every match?

I'm just randomly started watching this guy, and he makes it look like cake.
If you check out his rating it will make more sense. Not trying to discount 1v2'ing at all but when I saw he was playing at 1100 mmr that explains why he makes it look easy.
No it's not that strong. He's trolling for entertainment ... and, it is entertaining.

Don't learn anything from that stream. Just entertainment value only. Not sure why he has 3 tigerseyebrew buttons ...
He is in the 1200 MMR bracket and these people have no resilience. Realistically almost any class can do this.
Ah ok, I asked him that in chat but I don't think he saw it.
@Ouchi - it's to track the amount of stacks I have, they're 3 different abilities with a #showtooltip macro.

@Jirat - 1200 rating people run around with no gear/brain, it's easy to 1v2 as any class as mentioned. But thank you for watching my stream. :)

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