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I feel like my skills have basically evaporated...
I like to play LoL. I play Vi and Middlesticks, and I do not jungle because I'm terrible at it.
02/21/2013 08:48 AMPosted by Catelynne
I feel like my skills have basically evaporated...

Because you haven't played with me.

huehue jk I'm bad.

Also, Bot lane Darius works with a Malphite vs Volibear/MF.
Woo, I hit gold today playing Draven only. Go team.
Woo, I hit gold today playing Draaaaaaaaaaaaaaven only. Go team.


Played against an AP trynd today...

wat dat heal

I've never spammed the ignite key so much in my life.
We need a fifth for league! ADgaerafeaaet
Placed into Silver II. Whee...
At least you're not placed in Bronze.

I let someone play for my placements and I got put in Bronze, and I had to go through the painful process of carrying my way out, and every time I got my promotionals to get to the next tier, I got trolls for my first game.

Luckily, I am now gold 3, and it was long and hard.
02/21/2013 11:59 PMPosted by Catelynne
Placed into Silver II. Whee...

I'm working my way up the Silver bracket after having very, very bad placement games. Add Aeterface and we'll play sometime soon. Probably not this weekend because I has work, but SOON.

I normally play Jungle or Support in duo queue because my partners all tend to play ADC. It's odd because lately my ranked games have been going far better than my normals.
Silver IV is a pain in the butt to carry.

Silver III was a breeze.

Silver II is a challenge.
I've seen virtually no difference between Silver II and Gold V.

Everyone still sucks.
Maybe not between s2 and g5, because they're already so close. It gets better as you get higher - now you just can't fall back to silver.
TIL Tryndamere top with barrier can 1v2 at level 3 a lee sin and an irelia, get a double, walk out alive, and then snowball to ridiculous levels.
Also, today I also learned that playing J4 and dunking people really hard, and then going on how "2 manly for you" and "You aren't man enough" in all chat makes the enemy team rage hard at you and call you a 10 year old all game.
Lmfao, Tronei.
League of Warmogs for the win...
And so, yeah, I can get reported for games like these.

they say kassadin cant carry games

they were wrong

12-1 in 20 minutes np

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