Vanilla Herbing

Is it my imagination or is herbalism the most difficult profession to level lately?

I am leveling my brand new monk and have had to circle entire zones 2-3 times to get 5 skillups.

It has long been a problem that the XP bonuses outlevel a zone faster than a character can hope to level a gathering profession, but when I made a complete circle of southern barrens today and only found 2 herbing nodes over the entire almost 20 minutes I spent running I got pretty pissed.

You could say that the plentiful Pandaria herbing and mining nodes have spoiled us all, but it never took this long to level a gathering prof, even back in vanilla when I couldn't afford a 'fast' mount.

Is this a known problem that will be addressed or is it this bad for a reason?
I have never tried leveling herbing in the Southern Barrens, probably because Strangethorn Vale has to many nodes you trip over them as you quest. It's also got the Nessingwary Quests so it's pretty fun. I did Southern Barrens for Loremaster but I've only ever felt compelled to do it once.

Change zones to a known productive one of similar level and you should have an easier time.
I blame CRZ to the lack of herbs and ore. I was lvling herbing/mining and very few nodes around and lots of competition from people from other servers :/
Fel Iron was hell. Hell, I tell you.
Two weeks ago I got through Stranglethorn Vale beginning with a 108 in herbalism and I ended it at level 36 (wanted to finish Nessingwary) and somewhere in the 250ish range after having to stop and train. I saw many people leveling as well yet I still managed to pick more than 200 plants during that time as some did not give skill ups but they would mill.
Just started a new druid. Tried to do quests from 8-10 and ended up picking flowers for two levels instead. Couldn't sneeze in any direction without seeing a node. Same experience when I leveled this character from 1-90 in December.

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