How's Ret pvp looking 5.2?

With all the prospective changes coming for Retribution in 5.2, I was wondering if anyone could give a projection about how Ret pvp will be in 5.2? Namely rated.

What I am most concerned about is Seal of Justice being retooled from a snare into a burst ability. While the extra out of cooldown burst is welcome (even if the ramp up time is somewhat erratic and haphazard), what I am concerned about is that without the baseline snare from Seal of Justice, Burden of Guilt will be mandatory for Retribution PVP or we'll be unable to stay on target. That means that the amazing utility granted by Fist of Justice (i.e Reliable stun and long ranged "peel") will be unavailable to us.

Also, what is the current stance on Light's Hammer? The ability now provides an AOE snare, but is still on a 1 minute cooldown. Will it's value be increased now we don't have an AOE snare?
Lights hammer will still be useless pvp wise. Ret is looking like it will be in a good place with its off dispeling and increased healing. Seal of justice I think overall will be better this way because honestly we need damage more then a snare.
02/09/2013 08:56 PMPosted by Paladinww
because honestly we need damage more then a snare.

Gc said truth will still be better for sustained damage, so ultimately we're losing our slow for nothing.
Yes but sustained is worse then burst damage (most of the time) for arenas, And you can spec a slow if you really need it aka castercleaves or a comp with resto druid.
So is BoG mandatory now?
Not at all. Most every other class you would be viable running with has a slow. It will still be better to have FoJ and the new seal will help a little with sustained even. At least in pvp. Not a lot but the big tv hits will make us get a few more defensives(hopefully) rather than a small heal every 20 seconds lol

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