Endure Seeking DPS/Heals: M/T/Wed (8-11p)

Aerie Peak
With history on AP dating back to the Burning Crusade, Endure of Aerie Peak is seeking mature, skilled and dependable players interested in 10 man heroic progression.

Our primary needs for 5.2 raiding are a druid (tank/dps), pally (tank/dps), monk (tank/dps/heals) or shammy (dps/healing).

Raid times are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 8-11pm server/Pacific time. Supplemental runs for alts or for the previous tiers of raiding are also scheduled per member requests throughout the week.

We're very mindful of families, jobs, significant others and other RL responsibilities outside of WOW. We are not a hardcore progression guild but play intensely during our raiding window and have fun while gearing up our characters.

If interested, please contact Carsinoma (GM), Felecia, Mish or Channah in game.

Thank you AP.
Updated 2/11 with latest class and role needs.
You and your 18.2k achieve points. I'm coming back!

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