How are/will be aff locks for arenas?

I want to make one because the DoT pressure play style has always intrigued me but I've always been afraid to do it. Now that I'm feeling more confident in my abilities as a fire mage, to where I get daily questions and requests to help others learn to burst like I do, I feel like maybe I'm ready to step up to the task of trying out affliction.

Is it viable? :3 And what team comp would you recommend? Thanks in advance. :D
Aff is viable. All three warlock specs are viable, which is a surprise.
02/09/2013 05:08 PMPosted by Cleangirls
Aff is viable


02/09/2013 05:08 PMPosted by Cleangirls
All three warlock specs are viable


@OP Afflictions looking pretty good next patch with UA buffs, RLS is going to make a comeback.
02/09/2013 05:27 PMPosted by Versuvian

Yes. All three specs are viable.
OP if u ask for viable then a lot exped player will come in and say it is. jus like if some1 asks if rets are viable or not. of coz they are

you should ask whether its easy to do well with the class or achieve 2200 by the average joe compared to other classes

you should ask whether its easy to do well with the class or achieve 2200 by the average joe compared to other classes

No, I shouldn't ask, because I don't care. I'm not having fun playing a game if I'm only doing good. I also found it very rewarding to go from trash to not on my fire mage, and will enjoy the same learning experience on my affliction warlock. Believe it or not, those classes that are difficult for players to learn are generally a bit more on the more powerful side.

When I first started my fire mage I dueled anyone with any gear and lost over and over and over. Partly because of gear, yes, but also because I had no idea what I was doing.

Now... Well, just look at my dueling statistics 1141 won to 709 lost. [Armory > Achievements > Statistics > PVP > World PVP]. :)

Anyone who knows anything about fire magi will know how much of a challenge dueling some classes can be. It takes a few hits that you don't predict to global you as a mage, and the only time you can burst is via shatter procs, which are also coupled with a good chunk of your sustain against melee.

tl;dr: You don't know what I want, and you shouldn't assume that you do. Just because you like to durp your way to 2200 via fotm doesn't mean that I care to, what I asked is what I meant. <3

[inb4 'dueling is balanced lol', I'll meet you in arenas in 5.2 when you can roll your face across the keyboard and beat me because of the gear difference.]

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