Halaa Brawl Free for All 2013

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Looking for a large scale wPVP in an unbiased location with plenty of time to prepare? Boy have I got the event for you.

WHEN: Next Friday, February 15th, at 9PM Eastern Standard Time/6PM Pacific

WHERE: Halaa and surrounding cliffs in Nagrand, Outland

Alliance, gather your strength

Horde, get your whoopin' paddles

I am expecting a fairly high turn out for this event, as I have been speaking with numerous leaders on both factions that an event like this was needed.

I will also be advertising this event in on the forums of other realms in our battlegroup for Cross-realm participation.

This will be large and probably laggy, so have your settings turned down and spread out the fighting over the area.

This is your chance to show what your guild/faction can do.

My guild will probably be bringing roughly 100 of our own, come at us, bro.

Fight and we will see who gets to go home and be a family man.
did this last year, was awesome.


hope it works out. i'm sure there's a certain few people that would take up this task for you to gather sargeras alliance.
gonna need a strong alliance showing

bringin roughly 80-100 of my own horde-bros

No Halaa, let's do Elemental Plateau.
Gah I'd love to come.
BUT the 15th is my Birthday so I'll be out with Family and friends :/

I would like to motion that this event be moved to the 17th of February!

All in favor, Say "I".
I need to get my druid to level 90!

Gah I'd love to come.BUT the 15th is my Birthday so I'll be out with Family and friends :/I would like to motion that this event be moved to the 17th of February!All in favor, Say "I".

This is me on my birthday last year.

If Illidan knows about this it's going to be massively one-sided lol. Sargeras Alliance vs Sargeras Horde was the same way though, and both sides got mounts because there was a little back and forth.

My suggestion is to give the Alliance Halaa first because it is easier to defend than attack due to the GY being right in the city 50 yards away. It'll be enough of a handicap to have some back and forth until the Horde inevitably take it over. We made the right decision in giving Sargeras Horde Halaa first. Also we came really close to crashing the servers with 200 people. Spells were pretty much uncastable after the first 10 minutes. Still fun times though.

definitely something to consider, going to be trying to get an estimate of alliance turnout beforehand and lay out some rules, will most likely have an opening stream
This sounds AWESOME. I'm so in.
good deal, i had a feeling you sargeras alliance bros would be all over this

and we need more alliance to keep it interesting

will be keeping the thread updated with stream details and possible ground rules.

Everything will be streamed at twitch.tv/fattiecakes including pre event talks.
just a couple hours away

Vexlander @Bleeding Hollow is the alliance leader for this event, please watch for his name in general chat
I'll check out the stream (and maybe fly-by in game)

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