Help with moonlight(creeping fungus) team

Pet Battles
Hello i havent gotten into pet battles yet but i was thinking of making a moonlight team since there nerfing darkness, and i like the synergies weather effects provide.

anyway my team in mind would be
1. Nether Faerie Dragon with Slicing wind for aquatic 1st slot Evanescence 2cnd slot (come 5.2 and it swaps there) and Moonfire for moonlight of course
2. Sporeling Sprout with Jab or Charge depending on speed and breed 1st slot, Creeping fungus to get a bonus from moonlight, and finally Spore shrooms to add to the dots
3. Infected squirel with Creeping fungus 1st slot, Stampede for dot and double damage and a undead hitter, and consume unless i find it dieing easy then corpse explode

so my question is how would this team be, i dont plan on doing any serious pvp but i at least want a chance against anything but FOTM teams

thanks for looking, if i dont get any replies ill try leveling it and just hope for the best
I've been playing around with a Moonlight team for a while. Love the Sprite Darter, faster the better. I like the Fungal Abomination for my Creeping Fungus applier. The Undead racial makes this guy great for applying your dots and backlineing him. The Sporebat also works well, flying racial makes him great for always getting that first hit in. Both are Tanky.

I played around with Highlands Skunk to take advantage of the healing buff. Either Perk Up or Bleat, even both, but that will limit it's versatility.

Any pet with a self or team heal would work well. I like my Bone Spider, the bonus affects Siphon Life, it's not huge, but the force switch from Death Grip is just too awesome.

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