PVP Power

Beginning this season 100% damage vs 40% base reduction (100*.4=60)
so we did 60% of our damage in pvp

End of season 100% plus 50% pvp power vs average reduction fully geared of 67% (150*.67=49.5%)
so we now do 49.5% of our damage in pvp

This is a difference of 10.5% Meaning fully geared we reduce damage by only 10.5%
compared to previous seasons where you would end around 28%

This leads me to conclude there is a breakdown in intended design which would answer why we are being globalled in arena atm.

The negligence of designers to fix resilience and damage reduction would also lead me to conclude the design team has no answer.
I'd personally prefer to have the resil on gear/base resil reduced and have no PvP power, than what it is now.
I'm pretty sure Blizzard just wants faster paced games, hence the reduced time limit on arenas from 40 to 25 minutes.
seriously.. people want to go into arena and tie every game, wtf.
Games take too long as is, if you're kfc scum, then i guess avg game is 1 min

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