Earthen Ring
Hello all, Swish here looking to find some exceptional players to fill our ranks here in nemesis we are looking for some raiders by that being said we need people able to make both our raid nights and sometimes maybe an extra raid night if needed someone able to stay the full length of the raid and someone who is prepared (although we supply our raiders with what they need most of the time) Someone who is ready and willing to learn fights ahead of time so they have a good idea of whats going on when we get to that point. I'm looking to find any class role currently that can show their stuff and enjoy a Adult fun and friendly type guild while pumping out the dps hps or soaking up the damage as a meat shield If this sounds like something you'd be interested in just follow this handy dandy link here --->>>>>> <<<<<------ or send me a tell in game and ask about Nemesis we are currently

6/6 Mogs
4/6 Heart of Fear
0/4 ToS :'(

^^^^^^ Anyone who has the ability to unlock ToS for us is a HUGE plus for app consideration

Also don't tell anyone i told you this but >.> <.< ^.^ our guild leader makes and mails cookies if your lucky !

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