If you lose to an ele you're bad

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what is that on thier chins?

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On a serious note, elemental has no solid defensives that ele shams can rely on to get them out of sticky situations, or for that matter just BEING TUNNELED. Nothing. Thunderstorm on a 22.5 or 17.5 second cooldown is nothing when you look at all the gap closers that were handed out to other classes this season. We no longer can lay grounding while silenced so any class with a silence and stun can lock us down guaranteed. Where as we have to land a jenky stun totem and hex. (I don't think the stun totem is hard to land, but its easy to kill.) On top of that the 15 second or 12 second shear is just funny. I mean we already have little to no negation so now we lose to range casters too. Cool. I understand they are taking out some blanket silences in 5.2. that's cool. They are giving us shamanistic rage. okay. 30% dmg reduction on a 1 minute cooldown that can be used while stunned not that bad, except for the fact that its not enough. Imagine if resto druids only had barksin. and it was just 10% more dmg reduction. THEY'D BE PRETTY DANG EASY TO KILL DURR DURR. Oh and if you say you have the top tier points. Don't make me laugh. We have a 30 second battlemaster proc which isn't bad but it doesn't NEGATE damage its like oh you're about to die here's a few more seconds so you can get tunneled longer. Stonebulwark totem is purgable. Enough said. Astral shift lasts 6 seconds. Lets say you're doing 3s. thats 3 enemies. Without taking into account dots and healers. Lets say you pop atral shift. Taking gcd into account thats only 9 spells its going to reduce the damage on. 9. Like seriously? Also you are still being tunneled and it is unlikely you are going to be able to get any moves off while they are training you. Some people might say ele shaman burst is really high. I'd agree with that, BUT it is the easiest damage to stop in the game. One interrupt will stop the damage, Or one cleanse will reduce the damage from lava burst by a lot. (I think crit multiplier is x2.5, if I'm wrong my bad, but its still at least reducing it by half.) I don't know... Earthquake is till hilariously worthless. The only thing I use it for is A.) trolling B.) to try and get the 7 classes that can stealth out. (11 if you count rogue aoe stealth.) or C.) I'm just bored in a city and want to cast it. I would propose that you make earthquake a 3 minute cooldown, instant cast and have it place an AoE on the ground that slows enemies by 70% and gives the shaman aura mastery for the duration as long as the shaman is standing in it. Glyph of Earthquake could be changed to make it reduce the shamans damage by 20%. If not that at least make it like shadowfury. I mean what's the big deal you already gave other classes the same moves with different graphics why not ele?

There is no way that needs to be one paragraph.

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Title says it all. If you disagree that means you've lost to an ele shaman in 3s therefore your opinion is void because your bad. BEAT THAT CIRCLE LOGIC....

Ele/Destro/X is a solid comp. Actually, just L.S.D.2 is good overall (Look at Nuvoz). It's just very lock-dependent.

And no, you don't need defensives. You need a passive defensive boost. You have healing tide, shamanistic rage, astral shift, what you need is something to stop them training you past that. You're so squishy outside the few CD's you have.
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omfg his pets

I haven't lost to an ele in 3s but I did lose to one in 2s because he crit me for about 70-90k with 5 back to back lavaburst crits (not on this character). My fault but that's what happens when you do 2s at 4 am.
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This thread failed so hard his character was deleted.
Title says it all. If you disagree that means you've lost to an ele shaman in 3s therefore your opinion is void because your bad. BEAT THAT CIRCLE LOGIC....

I didn't read a single word of your post, but as an Elemental Shaman I disagree with your topic title. Elemental Shamans, fully geared, aren't nearly as bad as some of the disgruntled shamans tend to make it out to be on these forums.

I strongly disagree with homogenization. Specs should be unique, a balance of strengths and weaknesses. Our strengths are large amounts of sudden front loaded damage. Although we lack an invuln and a sufficient wall, we have tools to survive, they just require large amounts of conscious effort in order to perform properly, which raises Elemental's skill cap in self defense.

This involves timing grounding totem to catch important caster spell like Frost Bomb, DP, haunt, chaos bolt, other elemental shamans Elemental Blast/ Instant LvB combos, and of course CC.

Against melee its exhausting their gap closers and kiting with frost shock and ghost wolf. This is especially important in arena, for we require a lot of hard casting time. Another good trick is using healing tide and immediately throwing it away from you to avoid it being killed, preferably out of LoS of a ranged caster.

It may be difficult, but it certainly is not impossible. Gem full resil, always have Cap and Ghost wolf glyph, and most of all play smart. Anticipate your enemies actions and figure out ways in which your class can counter it. PvP is like a game of chess.

I might not be the best Elemental Shaman around, but I have a very rounded out perspective of the spec and can play it efficiently in battlegrounds, duels, and arenas. Look up high rated Elementals like Novoz and Kisz, they manage to achieve very high ratings in arena with their spec, there's no reason you cannot too. Besides, 5.2 is around the corner and we are receiving a 30% wall that, when glyphed, is a dispel and its even on a 1 minute cooldown to boot. In addition, Nature's guardian, which is already good, is being converted into a passive 30 sec cd might of ursoc. Don't forget the buff to flame shock, this will make multi dotting easier, and will allot you with more lava surge procs. I'm very excited about the changes to Elemental in 5.2 and you should be too.
Elemental: Ret Paladin of casters.

I'm doing pretty well on ptr, don't know about you scrubs.
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what is that on thier chins?


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ele seems like it'll be decent next season. On a side note, Earthquake is actually an incredibly useful spell. you have no idea how many kill I've gotten from the extra knockdown.
lol char gone

man that was quick

I didn't get to see the space goats pets :(

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