Flawless Battle Stone - What could I get?

Pet Battles
So I'm a newb when it comes to these kinds of things. I don't really have a desire to use it on any pet and I'm curious what expectations I should have for trying to trade it off? It is indeed a boe one. Selling it on my server has been a bust, so that's out of the option for now.

If any of you could be so kind as to help, it'd be greatly appreciated.
To be honest these have been ranging in the 4k to 9k area depending on server. As far as trade goes I'd at least try for a small tcg pet or perhaps some decent rare pets like crawdad, anubisath idol and the like.
Could find someone that has some harder to get pets, whether it be the lesser TCG pets, Pandarian spirits or any cageable pet, like Grinder, Lumpy, the Aqua Strider.

Or even the rep based pets from Argent Tournament or Molten Front.

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