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Holy Paladin -- 8/9G -- LF SSB Gold


7/9 Disc/Shadow LF Gold MSP, SPM.
Have consumables, vent/mumble/skype.

8/9 gold LFM for SSB gold tonight at 12:30 eastern

have food/flasks/dps potions

I know the instance inside and out

Horde Lf ALL Gold Challenge Modes for my Rogue

- Top Region and World ranks when I completed the Challenge Modes on my Druid
- Consistent top WoL Parses
- 16/16H
- Have seen all content since Vanilla (While it was current)

- Available almost always
- Contact Via BattleTag
- Will be overly prepared w/ consumables and other helpful strategy tips

Btag = TMW#1358
498 Shadow Priest 4/16 heroic experience 5/9 Gold
LF: SM, Siege, GSS, and SSB
have all consumables and know all the strats
I'm available all day today
497 Assassination Rogue
Available all week except Tuesday/Thursday.
Looking for all Golds
3 Silvers. 3/16 H Experience. Have all consumables & Vent/skype.
Battletag: Grizz#1771

Currently on and available.
Need mage or ele shammy for Gold seige right now
9/9 Gold on my Hunter , Looking for capable grps to get gold with on my ALT ( Shadow-Priest )
Alliance Shadow Priest looking for :
Gold Shado-Pan Monastery ( Last one i need )
I can run almost everyday , whole day. Grab me soon hopefully : )
Add me : Kral#6911

7/9 Disc/Shadow LF Gold MSP, SPM.
Have consumables, vent/mumble/skype.


available now!
9/9Gold Xp'd Hunter looking to do CM's for vp cap

btag= Jack#6609
4/9 Disc still looking!

Siege - Shadow-pan - SSB - SM - Mogu'shan Palace.

Have lots of experience with MSP and a decent amount of exp with SSB.

Alliance Frost dk lf GOLD CM
2/9 gold
have done SH/TJS
have silver xp in SNT
can run all night have all consumables
Need 1 hero dps for SM Gold now. Very exped group in there, should be done in less than 30 minutes.

Add NG12Y#1504
LF Ele Sham/Hunter for chain gold runs.
Group has 9/9 on other characters.

492 Frost Mage 1/9 Gold, 5/9 Silvers, looking for more golds. I Have consumables, know strats, and am capable. Usually available after 7 PM PST.

Lf horde mage/ele shaman to do jade gold. Should be a very quick run. add my battletag Lordnaasty#1658

7/9 Disc/Shadow LF Gold MSP, SPM.
Have consumables, vent/mumble/skype.


available now!!
9/9 Gold Brewmaster tank looking to do Gold CMs on my Ret Paladin
Need everything but SH.

On my Enhance/Resto shaman
Need everything but Siege, Shado-pan Monastery and Stormstout Brewery. Can heal or dps.

And on my Survival/Beast Mastery Hunter
Need everything.

Prepared with pots/flasks/invis pots (15/18)/etc.
Willing to help tank others on my monk as well.

B-Tag: Thunderhowl#1277
3/9 Disc Priest LF Gold runs other than SM, SH, MSP, though willing to do them again if a group is chain-running CMs.

Have all consumables on me. Available all night Friday-Monday, plus mid-afternoons on Tues-Thurs for a couple of hours.

Top-notch Disc Priest looking for group! I'll join yours, or I'll make a group...either way.

Fully itemized for CMs, have consumables, know all strats, and willing to spend hours getting Gold if needed.

6/9 Gold

Still need
Gate of the Setting Sun
Scarlet Monastery
Stormstout Brewery

Add me anytime!

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