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Alliance Death Knight, 483 Blood experience with my class dating back to WOTLK and experience with WoW back to launch.
Looking for: All Challenge modes gold

Generally available all weekend long for serious and hard challenge mode progression but I can usually flex my schedule for any reasonable times.

Have vent skype and mumble.

I will watch any videos and bring any flasks or pots asked of me.

2/9G and 2/9S exp'd Disc Priest LFM

Don't need Jade Serpent or Gate anymore.

Hit me up!
while this thread exists, is an exceptional tool for finding people ad hoc.
Frost DK/elemental shaman looking for gold CM's
Raid Exp: 8/16H
CM exp: 2/9 gold
Know all strats for gold on all dungeons
Have all consumables, flasks, pots etc.
Have vent/mumble/skype is my ele shaman
B-tag Irt#1834
Alliance Ret Paladin looking for gold CM's
Heroic Raid XP
CM Research on tactics
Have all consumables, flasks, pots etc.
Battletag - Kensford#1579
Resto Shaman looking for challenge group, done just one challenge need 7 more gold to go.

Looking for a solid group /500 equip / 7 heroic exp


Protection / Retribution Paladin looking for group for golds.

I'm extremely familiar with 3, but have knowledge of all. I have understanding of all instances and pulls from guides/videos. With intimate knowledge of ToJS, SH, and MGP and gotten silvers with little trouble. I would have no issue with adapting to your personal strategies.

Available after 10:30PM EST most nights or in the mornings before 1:00PM EST. Exception Tues/Wed


Thank you for your consideration.
4/9 Gold (I'm 4 for 4 so far, skilled player) & 2600 Arena exp & old hardcore raider in a rank#1 guild
Horde Frost OR Blood DK looking to do:
Gold Scholomance
Gold Mogu'shan Palace
Gold Temple Of The Jade Serpent
Gold Shado-pan Monastery
Gold Seige Of Niuzao Temple

I can run mostly anytime, but late night or early mornings prefered
Add my BTag, lento#1827
Need an Elemental Shaman or Mage for golds.

Fully geared Horde Frost DK LF CMs.

Just started doing them yesterday so heres what I've gotten so far:
2/9 Gold
2/9 Silver (Very close golds)

Have all flasks, pots, etc. Knowledgable of all the CMs and strats involved.

Brief resume is as follows:

Past season Glad, and Hero of the Horde/Alliance, been 2.3 this season. Experienced raider as well.

Btag is Aoo#1483, so let me know if interested. Have most of the weekend available as well as weekdays
9/9 Gold on my Hunter , Looking for capable grps to get gold with on my ALT ( Shadow-Priest )
Alliance Shadow Priest looking for :
Gold SSB
Gold Shado-Pan Monastery
Gold Siege of Niuzao Temple
I can run almost everyday , whole day. Grab me soon hopefully : )
Add me : Kral#6911
LF Blood DK or Prot Warrior for Siege of Niuzao Temple gold right now!!

Add Veloth#1394
Need great dps to join a pally tank mage and I for scholo gold.

Mage is 9/9 and scholo will make me 9/9

0 Gold 0 Silver 1 Bronze (Stormstout Brewery)
Blood Death Knight
BTAG: slumlax#1978
0 Gold 0 Silver 9 Bronze
Fury Warrior
BOTH 2200 3s THIS SEASON (very fast learners)
Have full appropriately scaled gear.
Looking to get into Challenge Modes
Alliance Windwalker Monk
0 Gold 0 Silver 1 Bronze (Scarlet Halls)


Have food/pots/flask/invis
Need 1 hero dps for ToJS gold right now

Add NG12Y#1504

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