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Alliance Frost dk lf GOLD CM
2/9 gold
have done SH/TJS
have silver xp in SNT
can run all night have all consumables
3/9 Gold - 1/9 Silver - 1/9 Bronze & 12/16H exp
Affliction Lock looking to do:
Every gold but GSS and SPM
Exp with Scarlet halls, brewery, temple of jade serpent, siege of naz, mogu palace
I can run any day after 11:30pm EST and tues-thursday any time before 7pm EST as well as after 11:30pm EST on tues-thurs
always have 300 food/flask/pots/invis pots
Add my BTag, Bloodzul#1340
LF Tank Gold MSP right now.

9/9 Gold on my Hunter , Looking for capable grps to get gold with on my ALT ( Shadow-Priest )
Alliance Shadow Priest looking for :
Gold Shado-Pan Monastery ( Last one i need )
I can run almost everyday , whole day. Grab me soon hopefully : )
Add me : Kral#6911
LF range dps, preferably druid/hunter/lock for stormstout brewery right now. add me. btag: dan#1645


edit: finished. ty
LF 1 (good dps) for scholo GOLD

ready now

6/9 Disc LF SSB, MSP, and SPM.

Waking up in about 6 hours to do some more!

Hit me up: OmgitsBk3
Im looking for a group whos starting fresh and willing to stick it out. with all the necessary mats and time to dedicate.

battletag: Easlei#1847
9/9 Gold Brewmaster tank looking to do Gold CMs on my Ret Paladin
Need everything but SH.

On my Enhance/Resto shaman
Need everything but Siege, Shado-pan Monastery and Stormstout Brewery. Can heal or dps.

And on my Survival/Beast Mastery Hunter
Need everything but SH.

Prepared with pots/flasks/invis pots (15/18)/etc.
Willing to help tank others on my monk as well.

B-Tag: Thunderhowl#1277
4 characters with full gold, bored DPS looking for CM:Gold on warlock for giggles.

My experience:

DK 9/9 full gold US 5th :
Hunter 9/9 full gold US 5th finish :
Monk 9/9 full gold :
Paladin 9/9 full gold :

+ 10s of carry/sale runs.

Zeals#1125 available now.
LFM 1 Tank or 2 DPS, Need a Mage, Ele shaman, something with lust.

Doing MSP Gold -- need people right now!

Shownutz#1122 is my battletag.
Resto Druid 492ilvl LF any CM
Available 11pm - 3pm EST
Have Consumables
Battletag vAs88#1130
lf gold runs
Frost mage
502 Frost DK Looking for All Golds.

Have all necessary consumables (300 stat food, Invis pots, Flasks)

Know strats for most CM's, Willing to learn new ones.

Available now, Battletag: Jiveturkey#1688
Disc/Shadow LF: MSP & SPM

available now

LF 2 dps and/or tank for gold runs good to go now pref mage/ele/hunter. May blood dk tank, have hpal and lock.

9/9 gold rogue now looking to tank on BLOOD DK

prepares with flasks ect

pst kida#1720

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