Cross-Realm Challenge Mode Finder #6

Dungeons, Raids and Scenarios
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Horde or Alliance Frost DK LF ANY CMs. Don't mind helping people with Golds I already have if its a solid group.

4/9 Golds, experience in all of them with very close golds

Have all flasks, pots, invis pots, and food.

Past season Glad, HoH/HoA, heroic raiding experience, etc.

Free almost anytime I'm online so feel free to add me.

Battletag: Aoo#1483
Alliance, Elemental Shaman with 7 of 9 gold looking for Scarlet Monastery. Please add Alec#1170.
Alliance BrewMaster / WindWalker monk for Gold only Challenges
7/9 golds
Currently need Siege, SM
Currently have TJS, GSS, SPM, SH, SSB, MSP, Scholomance

Looking to complete these urgently, finished 4 off in one day, looking for another!

add me: time#1519 (needless to say, have consumables / know strats.)

I will be on requesting groupies around 11:30pm MST
LF 1 Healer for SSB right now! Pref a Resto Shammy/Druid

Add: Ryan#12189
499 Mistweaver/ 489 Windwalker Monk LF CM golds.

Knows instances

Has consumables (15 and 18 sec invis pots, 300 food, dps pots, ambers, flasks)

3/9 Bronze XP (Siege, SB, SPM), 8/16H Raid XP

Available until 6:30 Central


I've been wanting to do these for a while, but haven't had anyone wanting to put the time and effort into it.

4/16H experience
LF all dungeons

Available most evenings with exception to Tues/Thurs and maybe Friday.

Battletag: novu#1485
LF resto shammy for SSB right now. good group
Yoloswaggin - Alliance 499ilvl
Holy Pally
Availaible after 1am EST on TWTh, and just about anytime on MFSSu
Have all consumables; invis pots, 300 food and flasks.
14/16 Heroic xp
1/9 Gold XP
Looking for all challenge modes except MSP
{A} frost DK LF golds

5/9 gold, 8/16H



Ready now.
Fully geared Frost Mage - Have Pots,Flasks,Food - Skype/Vent/Working mic.

I am a top notch Mage and have been playing this class since early BC so i know my ends and outs, i have achieved 2k+ in arena so i know my surroundings.

I've seen all Gold challenge mode videos and willing to learn any new strats your group may do.

I have 7/9 GOLD - I need SSB and Gate of the setting sun

Looking for a GOOD group to burn this out fast

Times - Anytime today in about 5 hours from now i'll be back!

Battletag: Burnbabyburn#1395
6/9 Gold - 1/9 Silver - 1/9 Bronze & 12/16H exp
Affliction Lock looking to do:
Gold MSP
Gold SM
Gold Siege of Naz
I can run any day after 11:30pm EST and tues-thursday any time before 7pm EST as well as after 11:30pm EST on tues-thurs
always have 300 food/flask/pots/invis pots
Add my BTag, Bloodzul#1340
Stormstout Brewery
Scarlet Monastery

Looking to work on getting challenge modes done within the next couple of days.

4/16 Heroic Experience
Available all day.
HORDE Lock LF nearly any Gold Challenge Mode.
I know all the vids and all necessary items are prepared.
Vent is good, so is Mumble or Skype.
Good for the rest of the night.

Disc/Shadow LF Golds: MSP & SPM

available now

LF a Great group to do Challenge Modes Gold with.

6/16H, geared and experienced.

500 Resto / 492 Elemental.

Have all necessary consumables etc.

On all day, erry day.

Give us a Pm teebee#6765.
9/9 Gold rogue tanking on BLOOD DK multiple people in the group have 9/9 exp

need 1 more healer for cms (we <3 disc priests) but pst anyway

know the strats blah blah

484 Arcane/Frost Mage, lf golds only
Disc/Shadow LF Golds: MSP & SPM

available now


Thanks for all of the help getting golds!

Best of luck to everyone else!
502 Frost DK LF a solid Gold Group.

Have all necessary consumables.

Know strats but willing to learn new ones if necessary.

Battletag: Jiveturkey#1688

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