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Alliance Monk 483 Windwalker Monk

havent done a Challenge mode yet but watched vids

Mainly Shado-Pan Monastery but willing to do others
Available any day any time (except Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday from 7-9 pm Central Time, my raid nights)
I can get pots flasks and any other items we will need

Battle tag:NickBurns92#1943

I know my class and spec inside and out, one of the top mdps in my guild, I have vent and skype
Disc/Shadow LF Golds: MSP & SPM

available now!!!

looking to do these on my resto shaman. 9/9 gold experience. will have all the materials needed. Looking for an experienced group.

battletag: Virsta#1257

Shaman's Armory:
6/9 Gold - 1/9 Silver - 1/9 Bronze & 12/16H exp
Affliction Lock looking to do:
Gold MSP
Gold SM
Gold Siege of Naz
I can run any day after 11:30pm EST and tues-thursday any time before 7pm EST as well as after 11:30pm EST on tues-thurs
always have 300 food/flask/pots/invis pots
Add my BTag, Bloodzul#1340
Assassination rogue LF any Gold attempts.
Know my class inside and out, almost always top dps among equally geared players, used to pugging, but haven't attempted challenge modes yet.
Have flasks/food.
Rank 7 Brawler (haven't attempted next bosses yet)
Available almost any day after 4 p.m. EST
Battletag: Vintorez#1327
Still looking for a group

Alliance Blood DK LF Gold SSB SPM and Siege
Available on Friday after 10 MST and on the weekend all day.
Have all consumables needed.
Add btag: Clone#1923
7/9 horde blood dk (or frost).
Need SSB and SM.

9/9 experience on warlock ->

Did 7/9 in two days, then hopped on my lock (who was also 7/9) for the last two. Now I'm stuck at 7/9 on this char.

Know all pulls, and have consumables.

Fully geared Frost Mage - Have Pots,Flasks,Food - Skype/Vent/Working mic.

I am a top notch Mage and have been playing this class since early BC so i know my ends and outs, i have achieved 2k+ in arena so i know my surroundings.

I've seen all Gold challenge mode videos and willing to learn any new strats your group may do.

I've gotten 7/9 GOLD under 3 days now and looking to finish them up! - I need SSB and Gate of the setting sun

Looking for a GOOD group to burn this out fast

Times - Ready now!!!

Battletag: Burnbabyburn#1395
Disc/Shadow LF Golds: MSP & SPM

available now!!!


4 characters with full gold, bored DPS looking for CM:Gold on warlock for giggles.

My experience:

DK 9/9 full gold US 5th :
Hunter 9/9 full gold US 5th finish :
Monk 9/9 full gold :
Paladin 9/9 full gold :

+ 10s of carry/sale runs.

Zeals#1125 available now.

Available now, also have high dps lock with me.

Protection Paladin looking for group for golds.
4/9 Gold
2/9 Silver

I have understanding of all instances and pulls from guides/videos. I would have no issue with adapting to your personal strategies.

Available after 10:30PM EST most nights or in the mornings before 1:00PM EST.


Thank you for your consideration.
Horde or Alliance Frost DK LF ANY CMs. Don't mind helping people with Golds I already have if its a solid group.

4/9 Golds, experience in all of them with very close golds

Have all flasks, pots, invis pots, and food.

Past season Glad, HoH/HoA, heroic raiding experience, etc.

Free almost anytime I'm online so feel free to add me.

Battletag: Aoo#1483
Alliance Frost Mage

Currently 6/9 Gold
LF Gold in:

Have all required consumables

Online all day and night. Also available right now. Add me anytime

Battletag: Ryan#12189
Disc/Shadow LF Golds: MSP & SPM


online now.
9/9 gold rogue tanking on blood dk

I know strats ect and have consumables

8/9 Gold 498 shadow priest
LF Gold SSB. I have experience with this CM. about 30sec off gold
4/16 H exp
Looking for a good group to knock this out quick!
7/9 Tank currently online for SM, looking for a healer / death knight that knows strat

Currently have tank / mage / hunter
Need 1 GOOD dps for GOLD Gates and SSB

9/9 Gold on my Hunter , Looking for capable grps to get gold with on my ALT ( Shadow-Priest )
Alliance Shadow Priest looking for :
Gold Shado-Pan Monastery ( Last one i need )
I can run almost everyday , whole day. Grab me soon hopefully : )
Add me : Kral#6911
Disc/Shadow LF Golds: MSP & SPM


online now.

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