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Our group has gone 6/9 in Gold CMs, and we are currently stuck on Stormstout Brewery due to our last member having stopped playing WoW. For these reasons, we are in need of an Elemental Shaman or Frost Mage with an in depth understanding of their class to finish these last 3 CMs with us! If you're good enough to do this, we'll go back and help you get the remaining ones that you need!

Contact me at Str1der#1155 in-game if you have any questions. If you are chosen to come, you'll need to have DPS Potions, Flasks, and Invis Pots ready to go.

Hope to get these CMs soon!
Disc/Shadow LF Golds: MSP & SPM


online now.
Monk heals LFG for gold Cmodes. has 3/9 gold, looking to do SM, SPM, Gate, Brewery or Siege. Available now Btag : Lostcheetah#1529
9/9 Gold on my Hunter , Looking for capable grps to get gold with on my ALT ( Shadow-Priest )
Alliance Shadow Priest looking for :
Gold Shado-Pan Monastery ( Last one i need )
I can run almost everyday , whole day. Grab me soon hopefully : )
Add me : Kral#6911
Survival Hunter LF gold CM's
Raid Exp: 5/16H
CM exp: 1/9 gold (gate)
Have all consumables, flasks, pots etc.
Have vent/skype (will download others if needed)
Tag: ialbee#1816

Online and Good to Go.
9/9 Gold Brewmaster tank looking to do Gold CMs on my Ret Paladin
Need everything but SH.

On my Enhance/Resto shaman
Need everything but Siege, Shado-pan Monastery and Stormstout Brewery. Can heal or dps.

And on my Survival/Beast Mastery Hunter
Need everything but SH.

Prepared with pots/flasks/invis pots (15/18)/etc.
Willing to help tank others on my monk as well.

B-Tag: Thunderhowl#1277
Disc priest LFG to learn Challenge modes with..

Available now and anytime I'm on.

Resto druid 492 ilvl LFG any CM
available now till 3pm EST
Have consumables and invis pots
Looking for an experienced, skilled Challenge Mode group on my Death Knight.

I have completed all 9 golds on three characters, my druid (resto), hunter, and warlock, and am now looking to do this for a fourth time.

I have both a tanking and dps set, and can perform both roles.

Currently 4/9 Golds.

  • Mogo'shan Palace
  • Scarlet Halls
  • Scholomance
  • Shado-Pan Monastery
  • Temple of the Jade Serpent
  • Can be available any time given notice.


    Online now for a few solid CM runs, 494FDK
    Have 9/9 on my Resto
    Solid groups only~
    looking to do these on my resto shaman. 9/9 gold experience. will have all the materials needed. Looking for an experienced group.

    battletag: Virsta#1257

    LF a Great group to do Challenge Modes Gold with.

    6/16H, geared and experienced.

    500 Resto / 492 Elemental.

    Have all necessary consumables etc.

    On all day, erry day.

    Give us a Pm teebee#6765.
    {A} frost DK LF golds

    5/9 gold, 8/16H

    Need SM, SSB, MSP, SPM


    Ready now.
    Rsham lf challenge modes will be on for 4 hours or so, know most challenge modes have a few silvers.. Btag Gigantickock#1919
    Looking for 3 DPS for SM Gold right now.
    Add #Jamie1881
    blood dk lf CM 9/9 gold on my rogue pst kida#1720
    Assassination Rogue LF group for any CMs.

    Limited CM experience. I know my class well and I'm willing to put in the effort to get golds.

    I have all necessary consumables.

    Available after midnight EST any night of the week.

    Survival Hunter LF gold CM's
    Raid Exp: 5/16H
    CM exp: 1/9 gold (gate)
    Have all consumables, flasks, pots etc.
    Have vent/skype (will download others if needed)
    Tag: ialbee#1816

    Will be online for 4 hours starting from now
    New thread where?
    I hear you plea.
    New there here!
    I tell... ye?

    I tried.
    Prot warrior and guild Resto druid Looking to do gold challenges now! Have afew silvers + close to gold with horrible dps setups.

    Have consumables
    Have vent/skype
    Add nacho#1503

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