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Looking to tank some challenge modes right now. I have plenty of pots, flasks, and food.

Send me a pm in game

501 Frost DK
Need all CM's
Have knowledge of Strats as well as all consumables needed
I'm generally always online in some capacity if I'm needed.

Experienced Prot warrior + Guildie Resto druid (Alliance) LF dps to go for gold.
Have vent/skype
Have consumables
Add nacho#1503

Looking for GOLD or nothing.

I have done Scarlet Halls Gold. Worked on Gate of the Setting Sun, 12s off before I moved servers and lost my group (faction change).

I'm up for any groups that need a hunter (9/16H PvE - 501 iLevel).

I prefer a group that has some experience.

US-Greymane Xjs -
Fully geared Horde Frost DK LF CMs.
Just started doing them yesterday so heres what I've gotten so far:
2/9 Gold
2/9 Silver (Very close golds)

Have all flasks, pots, etc. Knowledgable of all the CMs and strats involved.

Brief resume:

Past season Glad, and Hero of the Horde/Alliance, been 2.3 this season. Experienced raider as well.

Btag is Aoo#1483, so let me know if interested. Have most of the weekend available as well as weekdays.
full 9/9 exp players just need healer, TheDos#1876 pst with experience and which ones you need

full for now but add me for future
Need mage or shaman for Gold Halls.

3/9 exp Disc Priest LF more people (especially dps with heroism) to finish up on Monday and/or Tuesday. Also available tomorrow after 9pm EST.

Still need:
Siege of Niuzao
Stormstout Brewery
Scarlet Monastery
Mogu'shan Palace
Shadow-pan Monastery

Willing to do the 3 that I already have for the right group but would prefer to focus on ones I'm missing.

Holy Paladin LF Group to progress through Gold with.

4/9 Bronze
1/9 Silver

^^ Above experience was as a DPS or Tank

Times: Sun-Thurs 5-9PM, or anytime Saturdays
Have vent/mumble/skype
Have food, flasks, pots, amber
Battletag: Enzymic#1639
9/9 Holy Paladin or Frost Mage (Completed on both)

looking for a group of 9/9 players only for top times.


Have all voip, mic, asian.

5/9 Gold on most of the harder ones.
Looking for group to finish off golds with, Experienced as DPS. But willing to tank if needed. Have gear for both.



Fully geared Frost Mage - Have Pots,Flasks,Food - Skype/Vent/Working mic.

I am a top notch Mage and have been playing this class since early BC so i know my ends and outs, i have achieved 2k+ in arena so i know my surroundings.

I've seen all Gold challenge mode videos and willing to learn any new strats your group may do.

I've done MSP and almost got gold (Off by 5 seconds or so)

Looking for a group to burn out some fast Gold's ASAP!

Times - Anytime in the PM is good for me

Battletag: Burnbabyburn#1395
02/09/2013 11:06 PMPosted by Smoke
Looking for one ranged dps for SM cm GOLD right now! Smoke88#1169

Still looking!!
Top-notch Disc Priest looking for group! Fully itemized for CMs, know all strats.
7/9 Silver 1/9 Gold (just started few days ago)
Any Gold except Mogu'shan. Also need Silver in Scarlet Monastery and Scarlet Halls.

Also have excellent Warlock DPS willing to come.

IBite#1254 (doesn't always go through for some reason)
yzerman#1930 (always works, lol)
Alliance Prot Paladin LF All Golds

Have Some Golds & CM Exp on DK tank Alt/ Watched All Gold Vids

Avail Sat/Sunday Pretty much anytime

Have Pots/Flask/Invis Pots & Food

RESTO SHAMAN: Well capable of healing damn near anything. used to be in very high end raiding guilds, server firsts and world firsts.

Add me at Corvelus#1673 if you want to talk.

you wont be disappointing.

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