85 Twink Guide?

Is there one out there? or do i just wowhead the best gear for a 85 and buy that stuff?
Why twink at 85? 80 is the best level for twinkling a mage at if you looking to maximize DPS.
my friend has an 85 twink mage, and I find it hard that an 80 would out dps him. He's getting around 60k dps single target. Which is impressive.
85 twink reporting in
80 sucks. 85 is dabes.
85 twinking is BEAST! no mtter what spec or race / class you are. either way it depends on gear enchants gems glyphs and rotations. I no a couple 85 twinks that can take 90's like full grieve 90's. and one of the twinks are a Destro Warlock. but 80 is also a really really good twinking level but I think personaly 85 is best. just from my point of veiwe. and 80 409 gear is like 2-5k each piece and 85 gear is around 250g-1500g and that's 85 450.
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