Paladins in 2013???

Long story short I quit back in 2006 and just started up again. The Paladin was my main then and again is now. I once was a top raider having cleared MC BWL and Nax at the time and knew this class inside and out. So here my question...what are Paladins expected to do now in 2013. In 2006 we exclusively healed (I plan on going holy because I actually enjoyed the role), but what is it now?
WoW has changed a ton since then. All tanking specs are balanced for progression content, hybrid class DPS specs no longer suck, etc. Play whatever you want.
Holy is on the low end right now. If you want to raid end game don't expect a lot of guild to bring you. As Hafleur said, tanks are pretty balanced. Ret burst dps is significant but our sustained dps needs a little work. Cross your fingers for 5.2. Prot/Ret imo are pretty fun.
Paladins are just fun in general.

Any 3 of the specs can get you into a guild for raiding. Holy may be a tad weak but its still pretty good.
All 3 specs are in a pretty good place right now. They might not be the top, but the difference in class balence isn't big enough from stopping them from being viable.
Whatever you do, don't just start spamming Flash of Light :P Holy isn't one dimensional anymore!

I'm not sure where you guys are getting that Holy isn't strong.
I would say they're just ad good as any class is now, but they are some things missing, we no longer have aura's, only seal's.

Edit, we still have blessings too thankfully.

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