[H] Eventide; 4/12 - Recruiting DPS

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Bump for 5.2
Bump for tanks.
Bump for updates. Need more DPS!
Need DPS please.
Bump for progression.
What are you recruiting exactly? and how many of each role,,

myself and a few others are aussie and est based time zone, so what time would that be for us / you to raid? :)
Depending on DST/no DST, it would be 7:30 - 10:30/8:30 - 11:30.

We were running a roster of 12, but are now down to ~9 people due to people quitting for uni/work etc. At least 3 DPS would be grand, even better if one had a healing offspec.

Most wanted would be a combination of:

    Ret Paladin
    Frost/Unholy DK
    Feral/Balance Druid
    Shadow Priest
    Arms/Fury Warrior
where is d dk

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