[H]WTS Level 25 Guild

<Blades of Khaos> is a level 25 guild currently w/ 3 guild bank tabs. I am looking to sell on the Horde side of Hyjal.

Please feel free to message me in-game or send mail. I've sold several guilds in the past and even though this one is low on bank tabs, it still has value. 5.2 is just around the corner, so this is a great foundation to build your guild/raid team on.

Hope you all have great day and thanks for checking this post out. May all your /rolls be high.
Hello! I was wondering what the pricing of this was, and I was also wondering if you would accept another form of payment such as a TCG mount, etc, since bringing money over to another server could be difficult!
Let me know what you're offering.

My BT is Synyster18#1167

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