Alternative to RBG cap

Just an idea, how about the RBG cap being expanded to include an alternative 5v5 cap?

This bracket is also dead, and although it's lol5's it is far more fun than RBG's and there's probably far more skill involved also. Why I say "also", is that RBG's weren't exactly popular when they were introduced and are only widely played now because we've essentially being forced into playing them. I could be wrong on that point but i'm fairly certain I'm correct.

So how about it? Some of us really don't like RBG's, or find that getting an invite is incredibly frustrating simply because of the class we play (cough most melee). It would revive a dead bracket (it'd be the new 2's for your second round round of points) and bring alot more activity back into 5's. That while a seen as a bit lolz is actually quite fun in it's own way, and leaps and bounds more enjoyable than RBG's imo.

It would get people queueing 5s more that's for sure. But if I had a higher 5s rating than 3s would the cap get higher?

An example:

2300 in 5s = 3k points
2300 in 3s = 2.8k points

Yes those numbers are inaccurate, but you catch my drift.
I'm not sure how that would be handled. If Blizzard somehow let something like this through i'd imagine that'd still want to dangle some sort of carrot in front of our faces to try to make us RBG.

If 5's rating was made completely synonymous with RBG rating I'd be all for that though....Though what I think would probably be best is if no particular rating gave a higher cap than any other.
I'd be all for deleting them.

I think some halfway type solution might be more diplomatic though. Giving your 5's team rating the ability to raise your cap the same as RBG's would be an excellent solution in my view. It'd revive a bracket, allow those that otherwise find it difficult to actually participate at a high level to compete (due to time or class issues), and make thing's much more fun for those that prefer arena over RBG. All while still allowing those who enjoy them to stick to RBG's.
02/10/2013 01:09 AMPosted by Sanctifiêd
they should just delete rbgs
Instead of snide comments about RBG, can we stick to positive feedback? I think this would be a great idea to inject some life back into the arena community, saving us from doing RBG's if we don't want to while still contributing towards the revival of a PvP bracket.
I don't think arena will get anymore incentive until they have half the wow population rbging. They said time and time again they want more people participating. Even going as far as to award conquest points for rbg loses. I just don't get why they keep pushing it.
Maybe the master plan here is to get just enough people playing rbgs so they can justify switching balancing the game around 3v3 to rbgs.

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