DMF Feb Trinket BLOWOUT! Cheaper than AH!!!

So, this is Arkaan's 4th round of extreme trinket sales!!! This has been an exciting month of crafting cards and it has turned into my BEST MONTH EVER! With the help of my 7 scribes, and 14 other scribes that I hire out their services daily, tied in with some competitive buying/trading, I somehow managed to break my last month's record of 71 trinkets and landed myself 107 trinkets total!!! Of course, this is with some heavy investment and hours of milling herbs and ink making...

So, want the best prices around!? Come buy from me direct and will always beat the AH prices.

Don't forget that these amazing trinkets also happen to be UPGRADABLE!!!

See you in-game!

[UPDATE] My REMAINING Stock as of Feb 19th at 5am

Relic of Xuen x 6
Relic of Xuen x 4
Relic of Chi-Ji x 10
Relic of Yu'lon x 10
Relic of Niuzao x 14

I will keep this updated! Buy them before I sell out! Last month I cleared out my stock in like 10 days... Due to my high supply I will be very competitive in my pricing
Alright... already sold nearly half of all my trinkets in a short 6 days.

I anticipate selling out before the end of this week. Hit me up if you want a killer deal!
XUEN trinkets have been the HUGE seller this month... WOW! Going so fast!!! Anyway everyone, moved another 15 or 20 trinkets since my last update 2 days ago.

Better hit me up before I sell out. I have a personal goal to have them gone before the end of this week!

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